Thursday, March 5, 2015

exciting! My little sister is painting peg dolls, (Archbishop Fulton Sheen and St. Gianna)

You all know how much we love our peg dolls- having a hand crafted doll from a friends or sister/auntie really makes them all the more special. My kids always ask, "and so and so..made this one right mom?" Anyway, Check out these cute photos my sister (Erin, in North Carolina) sent me! She is painting Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen and St. Gianna right now. 

She said if you trace with pencil you can erase it very easily- I never thought of that! lol Hopefully we will get  a photo an update when she is done. Here's my other peg doll posts if you want to reminisce on our collection with me.

2014 Peg Doll Exchange (I can't find my post on creating 
St. Francis..sorry, maybe I thought I did one but didn't.)
Peg Doll advice wanted or not- what to seal your dolls with- MUST READ!

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