Friday, March 13, 2015

My ah ha book nature notebook moment.

I had an ah ha moment going over my MODG booklist for Knox for the 2nd grade. He needs a nature notebook for 2nd grade.  I was thinking of giving him this book for Easter when I realized- duh it does double duty.  (We have about 4 weeks of school left and we start second- if we just don't quit for the summer early. They are at the ends of all their workbooks and Math books, so if I don't buy something we won't have anything to do anyway.) This book can be purchased at   It's thick! Let me show you the features that wowed me! 

First of all this thing is thick- see the plastic Easter Egg? 
Spiral bound (I am in love with spirals) and it's printed on heavy paper.

Let's see- shall we call it a weather proof cover??  Yea! I am impressed!

There are three sections, plants, animals, and rocks.  I would be surprised if he filled this book up in the first year...maybe in a few years.

Personally as a daughter of  Petroleum Geologist/ Hydro-Geologist, and a former 4-H Geology member, the rock section left some things to be desired....BUT it's perfectly fine just for you average normal non-rock nerds. (I can still have Knox write in what he needs to as far as classifying rocks, minerals and fossils and their specific big deal)

And honestly for the size and quality, I think this thing was a good buy. That's my unbiased, non-commission paid, unaffiliated opinion. (The publishers don't know I LOVE THIS BOOK). 

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