Wednesday, March 25, 2015

what's in your Easter basket?

I have seen a lot of posts flying around with ideas for Easter I thought maybe I would share what's going in ours as of right now, I also have a few other little homemade things.

our Ikea products from Italy and Austria

and these books, some new, some from Amazon, some from a thrift store.

First Communion Days, you can also buy here, The Saving Name of God the Son,  The Legend of St. Anthony (not on Amazon at all)  I love this website by the way. Please tell them my blog directed you.

We love chickens round here...just ask our friends and naturally we are drawn to eggs of all sizes and colors..

Could that be St. Kateri perhaps??

Playmobil eggs...these are so cute, they loved their Advent Calendars so much and talk with fondness of them, so I thought this little surprise was perfect. 

AND if you own chickens- well you know you're getting a couple dozen eggs per week right now...WHY NOT BUY EGG WRAPS?? These are beautiful! Order from Best Pysanky's website directly, everywhere else is OVER PRICED.

again from that awesome website 

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