Thursday, April 23, 2015

Feeling hen pecked? How about a chicken apron?

Happy Feast of St. George! We didn't get a feast day party together, instead I spent my time making a chicken apron (or chicken saddle) for my son's chicken and it's almost the last day of school (and we are so ready to be done I didn't want to mess our final week up and delay school, with tomorrow being the last day). 

Feathers- always has been a bit nutty- but she has calmed down since she started laying. I guess a particular Rhode Island Red we have (Henny Penny) has been hen pecking her a lot lately. Her feathers will grow back in nice after we apply some Vick's vapor rub to the area, but this time we had to actually cover it completely due to the open wound that was new as of today. Hen's like the color red and they like blood. So it's not a good combo if your back is bare and no feathers to hide the blood.

I cut two pieces and sews them together. The squares are 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" and the piece in the middle needs to be smaller because it sets between the wings- no bigger than 3". (That might be too big for some still, err on the side of small!) Mine was a little on the larger side, but the next time I will cut it down more.

I had some scraps of interfacing I put on the wrong side (the inside).

I sewed it with the right side inside and then left a hole to poke the right side out of. Then I sewed on 5 1/2" pieces of elastic for the wings. 

She is all set in her new apron. But she's disgusted as you can tell by her ruffled feathers.

She is adjusting to the chicken apron still. She was fussing over the elastic under her wings, but I think she will get over it soon, her back will certainly be better! Now my daughter wants to dress them all up, so looks like I'll be making some more aprons.

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