Monday, April 6, 2015

Holy Week with April fools, no electricity, 100 mph winds, hog hunt, hot cross buns, jidášky, Easter, Mass Kit

WOW! I can't even give details of how I survived this past week- I would have to write a novel, when you include what our normal schedule was this week, on top of medical appts, piano, soccer practices, an awesome grandmother who literally pushed me and my kids out the door on Tuesday to make it somewhere on time, daily masses and stations, April fools, Holy Week, a storm and the cleanup, an out of town hog hunt, work, Easter activities, family dinners, no electricity, it would have been overwhelming if it hadn't been for the grace God sent us to persevere. 
We loved our time without the electricity- my kids really enjoyed it. (My husband had just came home Thursday afternoon and had to be at work Friday morning) We have a generator and we ran our fridge and freezers off of it.  But other than that we used candles and enjoyed three random lamps on the floor. I had already cleaned my house including the outside windows and doors only to have to redo it all on Good Friday morning from 100 mile/hr wind blowing mud onto our house. But it was just fine, we offered it all up- thank goodness we had something to offer that day. It was amazing. God's grace really was here and very much blessed us this past week. (Pictures are in order of the date occurred.)

Monday chickens getting rides in the bike 

April fools- someone (Grandma) snuck over in the middle of the night and put three white eggs in our coop. It was hilarious. 

Holy Wednesday


Brad's Oklahoma hog hunt with severe weather

My goofy brother also had two hogs- that was a mega piggy at 200 pounds below

We had our family over for Holy Thursday's meal, cookies for "Blessed is he who is called to the supper of the lamb." (Served a similar menu to last years if you want to know look at this post)

cleaning hog coolers and washing feet for Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday around midnight the power went out and then hell broke loose literally.

where'd all that plywood come from? It knocked down Jesus but didn't damage Him! St. Francis was also on the ground but it didn't damage him either. Mary was in the back, she was just muddy.

debris everywhere

projectiles through the screen something long an metallic and then a foot long tree twig resting at the bottom. This is where I pulled my daughter out of bed when we heard what sounded like 100 mph winds and debris hitting our house on all sides. (brand new windows less than 4 months old)

 the other half of the plywood this hit the front of our house as we were on the landing running down the steps

right above the front glass door, the gutter and sofet were damaged

Friday morning
Hot Cross buns with no electricity

my neighbors 70 year old tree across the street

the fence had steel posts

there is an old dead tree branch about 2 feet long laying behind the door

Brad climbed in and rescued our hens at 1 AM

they slept in the garage and pooped in the garage

this thing weighs 1500 pounds or more, we had to use a truck to get it right side again.

split like a loaf of bread

mud on everything time to clean again

why there is no power for a few days

 What my interior looked like from Friday to Saturday at 8 pm. I had a clean house already and laundry was caught up because I prepared for Holy Week.

watch the trail of cords out to my backyard


glad we have several interior doors.

So what do you do when the power is out?

Saturday still no power
Hard boil eggs on the grill

reclean all the mud off your house and windows and doors

prepare your eggs with egg wraps after they heat up for an hour (they never boiled)

wait for the water to reheat again and roll your Paschal candle kit

plugged into the generator naturally

then go shrink wrap those eggs finally

enjoy Easter finally with the lights back on

try and get a picture on the way to Mass.

It's the best they could do, we are exhausted! lol

I did finish the kids' Mass kit at the beginning of the week- that took place Palm Sunday mostly. And they sure have been enjoying it. I have been collecting brass chalices and the book holder, cruets and the paten for over a year now from thrift stores. It's finally all here. I embroidered crosses on the patens and stolls.

I will be binding up those books this week. As you can see that was before Thursday ;)

Christ Has Risen, He Has Risen Indeed! Alleluia!

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