Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to make a Crown for Mary- It's May!

  What's the best way to kick off May?! With a May crowning of course. This year it just so happens that May 1st is also a First Friday. And just because your kids do a May crowning in school doesn't mean you should not do one at home. Almost everyone has a Mary statue to venerate. You give thanks, flowers and gifts and cards to your earthly mother for Mother's Day don't you? (You should be- shame if you haven't!) Give thanks, flowers and cards to your Heavenly Mother. After all how many times has she (with or without your knowledge) taken your prayers to our Heavenly King, her Son? 

   Here's the best way to make a quick beautiful crown. You need some pretty fake flowers and two kinds of ribbon. I have a big stash of ribbon, I picked the gold floral ribbon with a bendable wire in it and a regular light purple ribbon or yellow- depending on which picture your looking at..

Make sure and measure your statue's (or statues' if you have more than one) head with a ribbon or string, floss will do.

Take your flowers apart. Then cut your length of flowers accordingly. If your statue's head is 4 inches all the way around your know your crown needs to be slightly bigger than that. You can estimate when your cutting and wrapping ribbon, no precision needed. 

Hot glue the stems together to make a long one.

hot glue it into a circle

Bet you couldn't have guessed this one- wrap the ribbon!

gold ribbon on top for a crown of gold

make some hanging ribbon strands for decoration- tie in knots though

Be sure and figure out which way your crown will sit on Mary's head,  I tied long strands to make a pretty ribbon hanging down the sides (don't do it in her face- I doubt that feels comfortable to have a ribbon in your face).

Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria, Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria!

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