Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Lady of Czestochowa Feast Day craft idea, stickers..

Our Lady of Czestochowa or the Black Madonna traveled around the US last year as part of a pilgrimage for an end to abortion. It made a stop here in Wichita as it' crossed our country. I thought maybe I would re-share these pictures as well as a craft idea in honor of the feast day which on the 26th (today by the time you read this email). You can listen to a little about the Black Madonna in the Glory Story about JPII. Did you know a lot of up and coming World Youth Days activities will be at the shrine of Jsana Gora? This icon may have been painted by St. Luke and brought back by St. Helen from the Holy Land. The history and legends are really fascinating. It's worth reading about.

Our new Bishop said Mass.

My father and oldest son.

AND now for a craft idea.... if you have any images of the Black Madonna, make an icon! This is from our Fatima feast day party last year. Everyone did different icons, but my kids did Our Lady of Czestochowa. The postcards we used were from the visit we made to the icon at the Cathedral and were touched to the icon itself when we went up to venerate it.

Cut and sand some wood (maybe grandpa or your husband can help with this). Find an image of the Black Madonna and modge podge it on. Add a border around it with scrap paper.

Tissue paper works the best for modge podge I think, I wouldn't go to thick on paper though- card stock is more difficult but can work. The post cards needed heavy modge podge if I remember.

We are missing an icon, but it will show We are still displaying crafts from two weeks ago.

I purchased stickers last year from this company. they came pretty fast, and I like their prices. I put a sticker on the back of each of the kids icons and on their homework. You could even have a Polish tea party- similar to the one we had for St. Maximilian Kolbe a few weeks ago.

Happy Feast Day!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

May Feast Day Parties

Devotion to Mary Our Blessed Mother

A very slow month- we are always gone and have so so many birthdays and baptismal feast days, name days..etc.. we just can't fit much else in.

April Saint Feast Day Celebrations

Eucharist and Holy Spirit

We are slow in April because it's crunch time for school, plus we have Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday, my birthday, and our anniversary. Keep checking back every year ;)

St. George and the Dragon

The reformed and gentle dragon

 The Dragon costume is a hand me down, I have had two kids wear it. I believe it's an Old Navy Costume I got for $10 five years ago. It just keeps getting resued, it made from fleece and is warm.

St. George's costume was entirely purchased on Ebay, the shield the sword and the helmet included with the garb. It has a red tunic like shirt under it. Already had a red cape. I spent around $35 total for it all before the Halloween season set it. We put a grey hoody underneath the red tunic and it kept Knox warm- he wore it under his St. Patrick's costume too.

Finishing touches St. George carried a rosary around his swords sheath (you can see it hanging to the right) The handsome St. George's shield below.

Wood shield- looked like it came from a Renaissance Fest, he had a choice of a few swords, there are wood and plastic ones out there. Just remember wood gets heavy. 

July Saint Feast Days

The Precious Blood of Our Lord

another slow month for us, Totus Tuus, swim lessons, camps, etc..

Feast Day July 14  

OR use to surprise for Grandparents on Thanksgiving!

Brown paper bags from grocery store, wrinkle them up after you color on them 
pony beads
markers or oil pastels work well on the dark paper
 Feathers- craft section in Walmart

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel July 16th
scapular enrollment- get your family or a group of friends together!

July 25th
A tea party for the feast of St. James

JULY 31st

December Saint Feast Day parties

               Advent and the Coming of Christ

                 Must read!  Various ideas on celebrating some feast days-lost traditions! It's a free book                                                              that's out of print.

St. Nicholas  Feast Day Dec.6th
Sorry I do not have a costume yet, but I saw costume ideas on the Saint Nicholas Center's website.
2014 Feast day Holy Card Cookies

St. Lucy  Feast Day December 13th
Costume tutorial
Feast day food and drink

Christmas December 25th
Nativity Play- Just like St. Francis who held the first Nativity play with real people

November Saints Feasts

Poor Souls in Purgatory

St. Martin and Veteran's Day
November 11th

St. Elisabeth of Hungary

Dress purchased for $20 on Ebay. We reused St. Brigid's beautiful shower curtain hooded cape. The pieces came together beautifully. The basket and huge roses were from the Walmart craft section. Finishing touches with Rosary.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saint Peg doll page created

Okay one last update for tonight...I hate to fill your inboxes! I created a Saint Peg Doll page if you need quick references.  

October Saints Feast day parties

October Saints
The Rosary

St. Faustina October 5th
Divine Mercy Sunday and St. Faustina

Fatima  October 13th
We had a beautiful celebration and lots of neat food. Say a Rosary and watch the cartoon movie, The day the Sun Danced or the Glory Story of Fatima.

Rose shaped cracker sandwiches from lunch meat. Rainbow pasta tuna salad.

Genna making our sun shaped fruit plate.

Sun shaped rice krispie desert and a special drink- sherbet and sprite to toast.

2015 Fatima Party homemade icon craft and food

Oct. 22nd  St. Pope John Paul II

Polish tea party and this soo soo delicious root soup.

My homemade crockpot "Polish sausage soup"
6 potatoes, cut in cubes, or throw in a bag of mini red potatoes whole
1cup onion, chopped  
chopped angel hair cabbage
3 or 4 celery rib, chopped
large carrot, chopped or bag of mini carrots
14 oz low sodium chicken broth
1 can evaporated milk or about a cup of regular milk (I haven't tried skim)
1 bag 8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
I skip salt and pepper
1 package of smoked pre-cooked Polish sausage- sliced thin.

Throw everything into your crockpot except the milk and cheese- stew on high for 4-5 hours and low for 6-8 hours. Then in the last 20 mins add your milk and cheese. When the potatoes are soft your soup is done. 

September Saint Feast Day ideas

Our Lady of Sorrows

haha needs some more work?

September 8th 

Archangels   September 29th (St. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel)

St. Jerome  September 30th

August Saint Party Ideas

The Blessed Sacrament and Immaculate Heart of Mary

August 10th and 11th

St. Clare  August 11th

St. Maximilian Kolbe August 14th
Polish Tea Party (and table centerpiece)

The Assumption  August 15th
You can use blueberries and a trifle bowl if you need to make this desert huge for a picnic like we did one year. Layer the blueberries wherever. (Blue jello, cool whip and blueberries)

St. Roch's Feast Day August 16th

St. Helena August 18th

St. Philibert of Jumieges
 August 20th

      Our Lady of Czestochowa August 26th
                             2015 crafts

March Saint Feast and party ideas

March Saints
dedicated to St. Joseph

Supplies needed
Alb- 1 plain white mens tshirt (to hand down to their knees)- from Walmart
1 light blue mens shirt- same size- from Walmart- we aren't sure what this garment was, but it's on the Holy Card.
Chasuble on the Holy Card had green. So green fabric enough to go over their head and down back and stomach- pretend your fitting a ghost.
roll of wide gold ribbon about 2 inch
wide sparkley gold ribbon slightly less in width than the other gold ribbon 1.5"
red ribbon regular 1/2"- make crosses on the Bishops Palium
wide piece of lace to go around the bottom of the white tshirt Alb
Glue dots
St. Patricks Day scarf- Oriental Trading Company
Pectoral Cross made from fake jewelry/craft dept at Walmart.

BIG PIECE OF WHITE PAPER and any adornments you want, clovers, crosses, etc.

Walking staff
 make a Crosier or just a walking staff because we couldn't get our Crosier to look nice.
So I bought a Celtic cross lawn ornament with a spike on it from Hobby Lobby for $7. Grandpa stuck the spike into a wood dowl rod and I put gold duct tape around the rod.

Adjust the widths of the shirts if needed, just sew up the sides inside out and cut off the excess.
I sewed white lace around the base of the white tshirt to make the white alb.

I cut the sleeves off the blue tshirt since it's layered over the top of the white shirt and sewed  I sewed on a gold ribbon towards the base.


Made a Palium from some fancy ribbon from Walmart. 

I layered the sparkly ribbon on top of the plain gold ribbon and sewed down it, I did not sew it to the Chasuble. The Palium was basically sewn in three pieces. For the red Crosses, I glue dotted material together. I cut pieces of the smaller red ribbon and glue them together, I did hand sew them onto the gold ribbon. But just a quick stitch in four places at each end of the Cross. Because I am dealing with little ones, I tacked down the Palium to the shoulders of the Chasuble.

2014 celebration- every year my sister cooks a big dinner, I dont have pictures from every year, but we all get together. It's wonderful.

St. Joseph's Feast Day March 19th
A Solemnity in Lent- that means you can Feast not fast, so go ahead and have the Coke or Candy! Feast when the Church Feasts!

Divine Mercy Sunday and St. Faustina

The Annunciation
Feast Day March 25th
A Solemnity in Lent- that means you can Feast not fast, so go ahead and have the Coke or Candy! Feast when the Church Feasts! 40 weeks till Christ's Birth, 40 weeks in Lent, 40 years, 40 days...that number 40!

February Saint Party Ideas

The Holy Name of Jesus

Feast Day Feb. 1st

Costume below inspired by book cover from Brigid's Cloak

Orange t shirt from Walmart- enough to cover the knees.
white cotton cord for the waist- Walmart
Shepherd's staff ordered from Oriental Trading $8?

dark blue shower curtain for the hooded cloak- I found a billion tutorials online how to make a hooded cloak..just google it. I did not cut the shower curtain down in length- due to the miracle of St. Brigid's cloak. I used sticky tape Velcro to hold up the sides though so it was folded upwards on the inside.

I adjusted the sides of her orange t-shirt to make it skinnier

Finishing touches, Genna made a St. Brigid's cross with Irish colors made from pipe cleaners. Also fancy cross from fake jewelry section/craft section at Walmart to adorn her neck.

Candlemas or Presentation of our Lord February 2nd
Food- crepes traditional food
candle napkins
2015 Celebration and traditional food, candlestick cookies
2016 Crepes
2017 celebration

St. Blaise February 3rd
goes along with Candlemas

February 10th  St. Scholastica
Lightning bolt cupcakes

Our Lady of Lourdes  February 11th
Lourdes stand alone grotto made from popsicle sticks
2014 Tea Party
2015 Lourde's Parties- several friends pictures included (paper mache grotto)
2016 Grotto and Tea Party

2017 Lourdes Tea Party

St. Valentine February 14th
Best free download!
cards with St. Valentine
St. Valentine paper bag puppet (and dinner)

The Feast of Chair of St. Peter February 22nd or any other Pope's feast day.

make sugar cookie and let them cut out their own "Crown" and "Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven"

January Saint Party Ideas

The Most Holy Name of Jesus

January 1st New Year's 
Blessing  for New Year's
Ideas for Catholic Family's resolutions

Theotokos Mary Mother of God
 Jan. 1st

St. Basil
Jan. 2nd
jewel jello cake and jewel cupcakes (in same post)

St. Genevieve
Jan. 3rd
my daughter's feast day and Baptismal day
we had combined with the jewel cupcakes from St. Basil's feast day
St. Genevieve has held back the waters of the Seine River numerous times to keep Paris from flooding- maybe a water theme?

St. Elizabeth
Jan. 4th

Epiphany  January 6th
get holy water blessed on the Epiphany

St. Sebastian 
Feast Day Jan. 20th
arrow snacks

St. Agnes January 21st

St. Thomas Aquinas January 28th

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

trying out a new rose candy mold

We have a Little Flowers meeting this week and I am covering the snack this time around. The flower theme is roses. (I cannot free hand decorate cakes worth a darn as you know from looking at them here on my blog!)  So I was trying to find some rose candy or sprinkles..etc.. Anyway, I knew I could possibly buy those pre-made frosting roses somewhere in town, and after searching and searching I finally figured out if I got on Wilton's website it would tell me....Michael's (surprised not any local Hobby Lobbys were listed). 

The cost of the frosting roses was sort of higher than what I expected when I got to the store, and it happened right under them was this cool thing! A rose candy mold.. almost the same price as the frosting roses (except there are only 8 frosting roses and 12 molds- a better deal!)

(It says a Michael's exclusive..)

Yes of course I have heard of candy molds, but I haven't ever tried one out.
And as I was pondering how I would make these, (and Genna was standing there saying, "Mom just get it!") and what candy, and where I would have to make and extra trip to next to purchase...BOOM, right under that shelf was the candy..

Genna picked out the colors.. (they are delicious- taste like the frosting on animal cookies). I found that the Colorburst Pastels do not do as well in this mold. But the Bright Pink and Red did well. And they are beautiful! Genna even mixed colors.

So this could be super useful for several Saint feast days or other fun celebrations. We had a lot of fun melting them and popping them out of the mold. Sorry frosting roses... your out!

It literally just takes a few minutes in the microwave- be sure and do exactly what the directions say. And cooling maybe 10 mins in the fridge. So hassle and mess free!

easy rose cupcakes for Little Flowers, the Virtue of Love of Neighbor.