Thursday, August 20, 2015

April Saint Feast Day Celebrations

Eucharist and Holy Spirit

We are slow in April because it's crunch time for school, plus we have Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday, my birthday, and our anniversary. Keep checking back every year ;)

St. George and the Dragon

The reformed and gentle dragon

 The Dragon costume is a hand me down, I have had two kids wear it. I believe it's an Old Navy Costume I got for $10 five years ago. It just keeps getting resued, it made from fleece and is warm.

St. George's costume was entirely purchased on Ebay, the shield the sword and the helmet included with the garb. It has a red tunic like shirt under it. Already had a red cape. I spent around $35 total for it all before the Halloween season set it. We put a grey hoody underneath the red tunic and it kept Knox warm- he wore it under his St. Patrick's costume too.

Finishing touches St. George carried a rosary around his swords sheath (you can see it hanging to the right) The handsome St. George's shield below.

Wood shield- looked like it came from a Renaissance Fest, he had a choice of a few swords, there are wood and plastic ones out there. Just remember wood gets heavy. 

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