Wednesday, August 19, 2015

February Saint Party Ideas

The Holy Name of Jesus

Feast Day Feb. 1st

Costume below inspired by book cover from Brigid's Cloak

Orange t shirt from Walmart- enough to cover the knees.
white cotton cord for the waist- Walmart
Shepherd's staff ordered from Oriental Trading $8?

dark blue shower curtain for the hooded cloak- I found a billion tutorials online how to make a hooded cloak..just google it. I did not cut the shower curtain down in length- due to the miracle of St. Brigid's cloak. I used sticky tape Velcro to hold up the sides though so it was folded upwards on the inside.

I adjusted the sides of her orange t-shirt to make it skinnier

Finishing touches, Genna made a St. Brigid's cross with Irish colors made from pipe cleaners. Also fancy cross from fake jewelry section/craft section at Walmart to adorn her neck.

Candlemas or Presentation of our Lord February 2nd
Food- crepes traditional food
candle napkins
2015 Celebration and traditional food, candlestick cookies
2016 Crepes
2017 celebration

St. Blaise February 3rd
goes along with Candlemas

February 10th  St. Scholastica
Lightning bolt cupcakes

Our Lady of Lourdes  February 11th
Lourdes stand alone grotto made from popsicle sticks
2014 Tea Party
2015 Lourde's Parties- several friends pictures included (paper mache grotto)
2016 Grotto and Tea Party

2017 Lourdes Tea Party

St. Valentine February 14th
Best free download!
cards with St. Valentine
St. Valentine paper bag puppet (and dinner)

The Feast of Chair of St. Peter February 22nd or any other Pope's feast day.

make sugar cookie and let them cut out their own "Crown" and "Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven"

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