Wednesday, August 19, 2015

January Saint Party Ideas

The Most Holy Name of Jesus

January 1st New Year's 
Blessing  for New Year's
Ideas for Catholic Family's resolutions

Theotokos Mary Mother of God
 Jan. 1st

St. Basil
Jan. 2nd
jewel jello cake and jewel cupcakes (in same post)

St. Genevieve
Jan. 3rd
my daughter's feast day and Baptismal day
we had combined with the jewel cupcakes from St. Basil's feast day
St. Genevieve has held back the waters of the Seine River numerous times to keep Paris from flooding- maybe a water theme?

St. Elizabeth
Jan. 4th

Epiphany  January 6th
get holy water blessed on the Epiphany

St. Sebastian 
Feast Day Jan. 20th
arrow snacks

St. Agnes January 21st

St. Thomas Aquinas January 28th

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