Wednesday, August 19, 2015

March Saint Feast and party ideas

March Saints
dedicated to St. Joseph

Supplies needed
Alb- 1 plain white mens tshirt (to hand down to their knees)- from Walmart
1 light blue mens shirt- same size- from Walmart- we aren't sure what this garment was, but it's on the Holy Card.
Chasuble on the Holy Card had green. So green fabric enough to go over their head and down back and stomach- pretend your fitting a ghost.
roll of wide gold ribbon about 2 inch
wide sparkley gold ribbon slightly less in width than the other gold ribbon 1.5"
red ribbon regular 1/2"- make crosses on the Bishops Palium
wide piece of lace to go around the bottom of the white tshirt Alb
Glue dots
St. Patricks Day scarf- Oriental Trading Company
Pectoral Cross made from fake jewelry/craft dept at Walmart.

BIG PIECE OF WHITE PAPER and any adornments you want, clovers, crosses, etc.

Walking staff
 make a Crosier or just a walking staff because we couldn't get our Crosier to look nice.
So I bought a Celtic cross lawn ornament with a spike on it from Hobby Lobby for $7. Grandpa stuck the spike into a wood dowl rod and I put gold duct tape around the rod.

Adjust the widths of the shirts if needed, just sew up the sides inside out and cut off the excess.
I sewed white lace around the base of the white tshirt to make the white alb.

I cut the sleeves off the blue tshirt since it's layered over the top of the white shirt and sewed  I sewed on a gold ribbon towards the base.


Made a Palium from some fancy ribbon from Walmart. 

I layered the sparkly ribbon on top of the plain gold ribbon and sewed down it, I did not sew it to the Chasuble. The Palium was basically sewn in three pieces. For the red Crosses, I glue dotted material together. I cut pieces of the smaller red ribbon and glue them together, I did hand sew them onto the gold ribbon. But just a quick stitch in four places at each end of the Cross. Because I am dealing with little ones, I tacked down the Palium to the shoulders of the Chasuble.

2014 celebration- every year my sister cooks a big dinner, I dont have pictures from every year, but we all get together. It's wonderful.

St. Joseph's Feast Day March 19th
A Solemnity in Lent- that means you can Feast not fast, so go ahead and have the Coke or Candy! Feast when the Church Feasts!

Divine Mercy Sunday and St. Faustina

The Annunciation
Feast Day March 25th
A Solemnity in Lent- that means you can Feast not fast, so go ahead and have the Coke or Candy! Feast when the Church Feasts! 40 weeks till Christ's Birth, 40 weeks in Lent, 40 years, 40 days...that number 40!

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