Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Midwest Catholic Family Conference, Matt Maher, St. Philomena, and 1st day of school

  Over the past weekend, we went to the Midwest Catholic Family Conference, (I know I have been going since high school- so it's been a very very long time).  About 4,000 people attended. We saw Matt Maher in concert- we even picked up lunch for him and brought it to Century II- my sister hooked us up as she was responsible for booking him. And that got us a photo op with him! 
  We enjoyed some awesome speakers too! (You should come next year- get your Catholic Booster Shots!) Me and the kids stayed the whole day Saturday and Sunday. Monday we started school again....bummer! Oh wait! NO YEA! (routine is back!) I wanted to show you what I put in our schultuetes this year. 

This was the first year my dad rented a honor guard uniform from the Knights and was part of the Mass on Sunday. (btw we have a full blown orchestra and choir at Sunday Mass- AMAZING!)

Out door Eucharistic Procession down Douglas (the main drag in Wichita) and adoration. It's huge, traffic stops and people start filming and taking photos. What a witness for Christ! My brother in law does the music every year.

sorry for the blurry picture- he's playing guitar there on the right. I can't estimate the number of people who attend the procession but it takes FOREVER to walk it.

Okay, so after sort of recovering from 3 days of heaven...We started school and I wont say that's been heaven- we are like a VERY RUSTY WHEEL that can't turn. Amazing how just a few months off school and really mess things up! lol 

I bought some really cute t-shirts for the kids at the conference. But I was really excited about St. Philomena's book (Her feast day was today 11th, along with St. Clare's.)! I bought it for Genna, as well as Clare's Costly Cookie- which I will read to the kids. Knox got A Child's Book of Warriors.  We are lucky to have really really good vendors come to conference (like Sacred Heart Books). I stuffed them full of candy, some IKEA gel pens and markers and chalk, lots of free holy cards from the conference, as well as their Wild Kratt's costumes, and wrapped them up with Matryoshka doll tissue paper from World Market.

Saint Memory game, which is a hit so far! We love Memory games! Tiny Saints, Padre Pio Oil

funny boy! JPII is our family's patron Saint this year.

Happy First Week of School! 

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