Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On the Feast of St. Clare

St. Clare is well known for the miracle with the monstrance and the Blessed Sacrament...that's why she's always holding one in statues and holy cards. I suggest listening to Holy Heroes dramatic audio version..we love it!


Plastic champagne and clear plastic plates (Dollar tree and Walmart).

Spray glue- just because it's fast, but it's really really messy.  I only could find Wilton Doilies at Walmart in the cake decorating area- near the craft section (NOT FOOD section).

We always have these around, I buy them every time they are clearanced at Walmart.


Decorate your plates.  Brenden did his all alone, and learned a pattern with his jewels.. big one, small one, big one, small one. 

Carefully spray glue your plates and shake on some glitter.

Or be conservative and use a glue stick...like Knox.

Spray glue and lightly shake glitter onto the upside down champagne glasses. Print out symbols for your favorite Eucharist, cut and glue them in the middle of your plate. Then hot glue the plates to the bottom of the champagne glasses.  (Don't let your glue get too hot it will melt the plastic).

St. Clare pray for us!

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  1. These are soooo beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration and for teaching the next generation to love Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist!


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