Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Lady of Czestochowa Feast Day craft idea, stickers..

Our Lady of Czestochowa or the Black Madonna traveled around the US last year as part of a pilgrimage for an end to abortion. It made a stop here in Wichita as it' crossed our country. I thought maybe I would re-share these pictures as well as a craft idea in honor of the feast day which on the 26th (today by the time you read this email). You can listen to a little about the Black Madonna in the Glory Story about JPII. Did you know a lot of up and coming World Youth Days activities will be at the shrine of Jsana Gora? This icon may have been painted by St. Luke and brought back by St. Helen from the Holy Land. The history and legends are really fascinating. It's worth reading about.

Our new Bishop said Mass.

My father and oldest son.

AND now for a craft idea.... if you have any images of the Black Madonna, make an icon! This is from our Fatima feast day party last year. Everyone did different icons, but my kids did Our Lady of Czestochowa. The postcards we used were from the visit we made to the icon at the Cathedral and were touched to the icon itself when we went up to venerate it.

Cut and sand some wood (maybe grandpa or your husband can help with this). Find an image of the Black Madonna and modge podge it on. Add a border around it with scrap paper.

Tissue paper works the best for modge podge I think, I wouldn't go to thick on paper though- card stock is more difficult but can work. The post cards needed heavy modge podge if I remember.

We are missing an icon, but it will show We are still displaying crafts from two weeks ago.

I purchased stickers last year from this company. they came pretty fast, and I like their prices. I put a sticker on the back of each of the kids icons and on their homework. You could even have a Polish tea party- similar to the one we had for St. Maximilian Kolbe a few weeks ago.

Happy Feast Day!

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