Thursday, August 13, 2015

St. Maximilian Kolbe chaplet and table centerpiece

  Need an idea for that old rosary that is broken? Or perhaps maybe all the extra free mailer Rosaries you get from the missions in the mail?

  I told my son Knox we were going to pray the Chaplet of St. Maximilian Kolbe tomorrow for his feast day and in preparation for the Assumption.  I said, I wish I could make a cool chaplet somehow but we would just probably say the prayers out loud on our fingers somehow. He brought me his extra unused unblessed rosaries Grandma Fisher collected and gave him for a piano lesson reward. Knox brought me the broken one first and asked if I could somehow make it into a chaplet, I said well yes I probably can. Then about an hour later he found two more and said I could use them too- they were in tact still but I went ahead an used them. This is what I ended up with (after they went to bed- they'll get them as a surprise in the morning).
   I thought there might be a possibility I had a St. Max holy medal in one of these three bags of holy medals I purchased over the such luck (150 holy medals for $9!!). But I sure had some pretty Immaculate Heart Holy Medals (along plenty of other Marian ones) as well as this Miraculous Medal. They substituted for St. Max for now, or we just might leave them as they are, they will do fine.

Piecing together a chaplet.

The chaplet is on the back.

I had just enough for three chaplets! They took me maybe half an hour to make (I only had a large pair of Stanley pliers (they weren't even needle nose).

St. Maximilian Kolbe pray for us!

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