Tuesday, August 18, 2015

trying out a new rose candy mold

We have a Little Flowers meeting this week and I am covering the snack this time around. The flower theme is roses. (I cannot free hand decorate cakes worth a darn as you know from looking at them here on my blog!)  So I was trying to find some rose candy or sprinkles..etc.. Anyway, I knew I could possibly buy those pre-made frosting roses somewhere in town, and after searching and searching I finally figured out if I got on Wilton's website it would tell me....Michael's (surprised not any local Hobby Lobbys were listed). 

The cost of the frosting roses was sort of higher than what I expected when I got to the store, and it happened right under them was this cool thing! A rose candy mold.. almost the same price as the frosting roses (except there are only 8 frosting roses and 12 molds- a better deal!)

(It says a Michael's exclusive..)

Yes of course I have heard of candy molds, but I haven't ever tried one out.
And as I was pondering how I would make these, (and Genna was standing there saying, "Mom just get it!") and what candy, and where I would have to make and extra trip to next to purchase...BOOM, right under that shelf was the candy..

Genna picked out the colors.. (they are delicious- taste like the frosting on animal cookies). I found that the Colorburst Pastels do not do as well in this mold. But the Bright Pink and Red did well. And they are beautiful! Genna even mixed colors.

So this could be super useful for several Saint feast days or other fun celebrations. We had a lot of fun melting them and popping them out of the mold. Sorry frosting roses... your out!

It literally just takes a few minutes in the microwave- be sure and do exactly what the directions say. And cooling maybe 10 mins in the fridge. So hassle and mess free!

easy rose cupcakes for Little Flowers, the Virtue of Love of Neighbor.

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