Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wild Kratts sew!

Yes, like all kids, ours love Wild Kratts too. I finally made them some creature power suits to play in, but the catch is they are going in their schultuetes for next Monday. Maybe you would like to see how to make these? It's so simple, it takes less than 2 hours. 

  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the shapes but I also uploaded a scan onto Scribed if you want a pattern to follow if you do NOT have a Cricut. (if you want to link to my pattern use my post please not a direct link to scribed).

1. Buy Heat and Bond, the no sew stuff in the red package, because it is double sided. (Buy it at Walmart, it says no sew on the package so check carefully, because there are different kinds). Also grab the sticky back Velcro circles next to the Heat and Bond (same location in Walmart). 

2. Select your blue, greens or purple cotton fabrics. I bought $.97 fat quarters at Walmart. You don't need even half of one for one shirt.

3.  The hardest part was finding the t-shirts at the Goodwill! Go for a v-neck shirt if you can- that way it looks like the vests already. Genna's yellow shirt was the only v-neck we found. Otherwise you have to cut the v into the neck (like below) with your sewing scissors. Slightly baggy is good so it fits over their clothing.

4. Wash your shirts- don't think it matters what order you do it in I did my washing first. Cut off the sleeves and trim up the bottom, cut at or above the belly button. (cut a v into the neck if you don't have a v-neck. Remove any pockets carefully (I had to remove two pockets)

5. Prepare fabric according to the Heat and Bond directions (I actually didn't wash mine...shhh...)

6. I guessed so I am not sure on my dimensions, cut off about a 9x12 area (maybe) and ironed on my heat and bond. Leave the paper on after you iron, do not pull the paper off!!

(paper has been on above on the purple fabric)

7. I used the George and Basic Shapes cartridge.

and a brand new sticky mat...since I had no idea what I was getting into. I haven't had this Cricut for long and didn't even attempt to touch the settings- I have no clue how to do that. I just know that dial thing on the blade says 6.

8.  You will need to cut the fabric- the best way you think will conserve fabric to fit the mat. I think if you are an experienced Cricut user with paper you know what I mean. 

Here is what I cut out (press shadow and shift).  

One 4 inch circle for the main part of the paw. 

three 1 1/4 inch circles for the little "finger prints."

two 2 inch squares- the letter T was the square I used. (for shoulders)

two 5 inch rectangles- the letter O is the rectangle I used. (for sides)

one 5 inch trapezoid- I used the letter G. (for back of the neck)

Then I had to cut by hand. Two of the rectangles were the same width as the 2 inch squares. (these will go on the shoulders.

The other two rectangles were the width of the 5 inch long rectangles, these will go on the sides. (If you look at my Scribed document you can see them too.)

yea it works!!

One whole set of shapes cut out. See the extra 4 rectangles I cut out?

9. Iron on your shapes.

10.  Add some sticky Velcro circles to the paw print...AND "Activate Creature Powers!!"

If you haven't made creature power disks yet, they are all over the internet to print for free. There are some on PBS's website too. I laminated ours and the kids cut them out. That was a blast for them. The ran around around carrying them all over the place. Enjoy!

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