Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Today was Knox's Patron Saint's feast day, St. Michael. He was treated to special pancakes and a special dinner and dessert today. Genna was my little helper as usual. This has been quite a week so far with my ribs- which I will explain further down.

Genna's funny pancake face.

Apple Puff pancakes- more like a dessert except there are a lot of eggs- so it does keep you full.

What was left of the pancakes. I made them using the St. Michael's Guafres recipe.

We've been homeschooling in my living room off and on for two weeks. I had some sort of "flu" two weeks ago and I could only lay on the couch with a fever and terrible sweats (no bowel or stomach problems). AND because I hate being behind in school, we still did school (thank goodness no one else got sick). 

But now I seem to have a couple cracked ribs, or some cartilage damage in my lower right ribs- I can feel grinding and popping. And I can't hardly drive or stand to walk or bend over, let alone cough and sneeze and sometimes breath. This is my fifth week recovering from a cough I stirred up when I cleaned my chicken coop. I think the flu on top of the cough did my ribs in. So I have to sit on the couch to be comfortable while they heal up. 
The best story is me sitting on our couch last night, and the NOT SO ITSY BITSY brown recluse crawling up the couch's arm next to me. I smashed it mostly with my forearm and jumped up and yelled, yes it hurt my ribs but I can still move for EMERGENCIES! Then this morning we found a tarantula sized wolf spider (which would make it a female I think) inside the screen to our homeschool room. We caught her, she was beautiful- she is spending the night with some crickets outside in an observation jar. I sort of hope we don't find any more spiders. The bug man just happens to be coming on Thursday ;)

The kids have these cute coloring books on Guardian Angels they have to work on for 1st grade and have finished by the Feast of the Guardian Angels in October. There is some Archangel stuff in there too. Genna was a little behind in her coloring book and worked really hard today getting caught up and even did the Archangel page and the other fun pages. Knox never completed those particular three pages last year, so he also worked on his today.

These coloring books are at the Catholic book stores in town. They are what we're using since Neuman Press discontinued their angel coloring book as listed in the MODG 1st grade syllabus.

We listened and reviewed the Angel hierarchies and their roles. Dr. Miravalle has an excellent short talk on YouTube. I like his Catholic Lighthouse cd- which I lost somewhere around here. 

And dad took the boys out to shoot. What a great way to end your feast day eh?

"Mommy take my picture!" Crockpot apple chicken and squash cubes...mmmm..

For dessert we had blackberry cobbler again. These lovely dinner ideas came from Catholic Cuisine.  The deal with the blackberries is humorous. Legend has it that when St. Michael cast Satan from heaven on September 29th, he spat on some blackberries (must have landed on them), which makes them no good to eat after that date. If you read up on Mont Saint Michel, France, you find out that's the location where it's traditionally believed that St. Michael won his victory over the mighty dragon in the book of Revelation. I traveled to Mont Saint Michel in highschool and I don't remember any blackberry bushes, but that mighty victory would have occurred before all the buildings were constructed and stones and concrete. I just remember a lot of sheep. Either way it makes for a fun and exciting story.

Saint Michael Pray for us!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Month of feasting coming up!

Okay mommy friends, if you have been wanting an excuse to feast and party with the Saints in your home..this is it.  I am going to once again try and squeeze them all in for our kids. It was totally worth the effort last year. We had a blast planning and making and eating all the goodies. Here's some ideas to help you for the month of October. We kick ours off tomorrow with the Feast of the Archangels and St. Michael (*Knox's patron Saint). The links are all there hopefully. 

Archangels   September 29th (St. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel)

St. Jerome  September 30th

St. Faustina October 5th
Divine Mercy Sunday and St. Faustina

October 7th Our Lady of the Rosary- Battle of Lepanto on Holy Heroes Joyful Mystery CD, say a family Rosary

Oct. 22nd  St. Pope John Paul II

Polish tea party and this soo soo delicious root soup.

My homemade crockpot "Polish sausage soup"
6 potatoes, cut in cubes, or throw in a bag of mini red potatoes whole
1cup onion, chopped  
chopped angel hair cabbage
3 or 4 celery rib, chopped
large carrot, chopped or bag of mini carrots
14 oz low sodium chicken broth
1 can evaporated milk or about a cup of regular milk (I haven't tried skim)
1 bag 8 oz cheddar cheese, shredded
I skip salt and pepper
1 package of smoked pre-cooked Polish sausage- sliced thin.

Throw everything into your crockpot except the milk and cheese- stew on high for 4-5 hours and low for 6-8 hours. Then in the last 20 mins add your milk and cheese. When the potatoes are soft your soup is done. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Yea we got a date for Knox's First Holy Communion!

We finished assembling his home made invites this afternoon. It's been a rough road full of discouragement from every direction but we are finally getting there- thanks to prayer and patience. I can't describe it better than a door being opened and a cool breeze of the Holy Spirit blowing through. 

Thank you Xyron sticker maker.
These 1/2" letters would not be fun to glue down.

And the wheat would have been difficult to glue too.

I had to do the embossing on the chalice because the Sizzix plates kept shifting the wafer dye cut, and I did his IHS on the host due to the minute size. But he did the rest. They came out lovely. I am glad we had them prepped before hand, it made for an easy afternoon art project.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

free PDF "The Catholic Girls Guide"

The Catholic Girls guide- this little book has a lot of nice info about the virtues that are studied in Little Flowers. I know it's online and a pdf so it's a lot of printing. I am not printing it, but at least it's readable and it's free. Go on Amazon and it's available in Kindle format or as a book $8 and up. It's good for adults and older girls- the language is flowery and romantic sounding, lovely to read out loud to your kids. 

fly your flags!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Original lesson outlines for Little Flowers

I went ahead and uploaded my original lesson outlines I have typed up for Little Flowers- it's only every other meeting I am responsible for the lesson on the virtue- so not all the lessons we have presented are there. Yes they are my original thoughts on paper- lol adjust them to your needs, but it should give you an idea of what you can teach to the girls ages 4-7. (I am thinking my sisters might need these someday for their daughters). 

Lesson 1  Virtue of Faith outline  St. Catherine of Sienna,  Sunflower

Lesson 3 Virtue of Love of God  St. Agnes, Peony

Lesson 5 Virtue of Obedience  St. Joan of Arc,  Carnation

There is also a meeting outline and registration form if you want to use them. (and now I can delete my files! wuwho! Hello memory space!)

Meeting outline

Registration form

  Of course if you need to link do it through my blog post and not to my my documents themselves. I do have my scrapbook pages saved too, but they are not published. However I am happy to share them with any of you moms! Thanks!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rose clip hair craft for Little Flowers Virtue of Love of Neighbor

My friend Michelle directed the craft this last month (August) for Little Flowers when she hosted our meeting. Her idea of doing roses hair clips was awesome! I don't have any pictures of the meeting. However, this idea was so easy. She decided to make rose hair clips with the girls from ric rac. Genna and I were so thrilled I made some more this that weekend. I keep forgetting to post my pictures. She loves her new hair clips. I even made her a hair clip board in her room. I was so glad I had supplies laying around here for everything. IT sort of gets rid of clutter when you use the clutter ya know? lol

You need:

You need VERY wide jumbo ric rac. The bigger the more it looks like a rose, the smaller looks like just another flower. BUT all still very pretty. 
Hot glue gun
hair clips
skinny satin ribbon to cover the hair clips
satin green ribbon to make a leaf (I used 3" wide)
matches to burn edges of ribbons

First get the clip ready.
Cut out your leaf from green ribbon and burn the edges. 
Cut out your ribbon to cover your hair clip and burn the edges too.
Glue your skinny ribbon onto your clip and then your leaf straight on top.

Next cut two 18"pieces of jumbo ric rac (5/8th maybe?) and hot glue the ends together and then "braid" them (I dont know what else to call it). It will want to twist up on you so have something heavy to anchor your hot glued end.

Hot glue gun the ends on the lose end. 
When your done roll it up on itself and glue down the end underneath.

When your ready glue that bud onto your leaf..let it cool and your done.

You can pull on the ric rac to open the bud up or change it a bit.

Here's some others I did below, this one I sewed ric rac ( I made a matching pair for her pig tails) The buttons are from a huge button box.

I used regular craft felt to glue the clip and bow together.
The lace is sewn down to the felt.

This peachy lace was so pretty, it's also sewn and got a fancy button. Lace in all these is from the Goodwill.  The buttons on them are so old, they were rusty and glass (see through) but I loved them too pretty to not use.  They got sewed and glued down!

Felt backing to glue to the clip.

Genna had to redo her scrapbook page from the Love of Neighbor meeting, she didn't get the help she needed (you'd think since I am her mom I would be there, but I was busy helping with hair clips). Since we didn't have the original document at home from the leader we had to remake everything with the Cricut and I let her use the paper cutter and special crafter's tape.  She did all the cutting, I helped her line up her corners so her paper was straight, but I think she did a pretty good job with the stickers and gluing! 

of course as soon as she completed it her brother's drink dripped on the bottom...lol

Virtue of Obedience Lamb Craft

Genna's obedience lamb

To make it easy I uploaded the quote for those lambs' fleeces in the previous post (the post has the directions on how to make them with a Cricut). I am not sure what the deal is with the different looking font something to do with Google and how I inserted the quotes on the document. It will print fine though.

                    For all our Little Flower Virtue crafts we have done so far go to this page.

Working on Little Flowers scrapbook pages and craft for the Virtue of Obedience

I just inspected my ill hen at 3 am (not sure if she's better, but looked a bit better), and now decided to go ahead and make my post about some of what I worked on tonight. I am rebounding with sleep still- I had the weirdest flu this week- temperature and horrible sweating and then uncontrollable chills that were about incapacitating. Thank goodness no ER visits- thank you extra strength tylenol.
  We have a meeting Tuesday and this is what I did for the scrapbook pages. Gathering all the inspiration from Jessica at Shower of Roses, this is how I did those cute scrapbook pages. 
I used my Cricut for die cuts and made stickers with sticker paper in my regular color printer. This month I made enough for 12 girls- as we had 2 new girls last month who hadn't come before- yea! Supplies I used are below. (You can cheat like I did and use these easy to make supplies or substitute in others if you have no Cricut- I highly recommend getting one or borrowing it!)

For supplies for 12 scrapbook pages like these you need:

approx- 2 sheets of sticker paper and a  color printer to print carnation flowers- I used the ones from Google Images on mine (*and Shower of Roses on the girls- they were a bit darker when they printed, I didn't want to waste what I printed).

12 sheets of blue card stock by Recollections

12 images of Joan of Arc and your homemade print out of the Virtue you are studying- obedience

1 sheet yellow, 1 orange or 1 light red paper with polka dots  by Recollections for the Cricut to cut out the word "Obedience" with the Story Book cartridge (O is 2" tall and the other letters are 1"tall)

Xyron sticker creator and sticker tape to run your letters through

5 pieces of yellow paper- not too light but to make shadow boxes for your cut out phrases, quotes and picture..etc.

paper cutter for the adult who's helping to cut out the yellow shadow boxes for the girls- takes way to long otherwise

scissors and glue sticks for the girls.

Cricut Personal and Story Book Cartridge

I didn't list this but I use this crafter's tape to stick my yellow shadow boxes to my scripture quotes and prayer and St. Joan picture. I will let the girls use their glue sticks. But this stuff is great and easy to use! Glue dots are another easy no cleanup option.

loose pieces cut out, stickers are of the flowers and "OBEDIENCE" letters

possible lay out after loose pieces were put together with yellow shadow boxes (using a paper cutter is convenient here).

Here is Genna's scrapbook page from the meeting.

the stickers were a hit! I added a fleur de lis sticker for the girls at the last minute since it was St. Joan of Arc.

Now the

For the craft- inspiration was from Shower of Roses' suggestion to buy a lamb craft- the link was broken, so my best interpretation is below.  Joan of Arc was a little maiden shepherd girl from the oak grove (if you listen to Holy Heroes).  She willingly obeyed God's command to lead and save the France and the Dauphin Charles or Prince Charles.  So a lamb is perfect! And don't lambs sort of obey their Shepherd? Well most the time they do..lol 
We'll assemble some lambs I cut out with the Cricut. I used Noah's Ark cartridge- I didn't do the 3-d lamb, just regular ones (that was way more complicated than I needed to tonight). I cut these at 5 1/2 " big.  We're going to put a Obedience prayer/quote on the fleece.

Ours will be
Children, obey your parents in the
Lord, for this is right. 'Honor your
 father and mother.’ Eph. 6: 1-2

Supplies for the lambs for 12 girls.
  4 sheets of white card stock
  3 sheets of light purple
  3 sheets of light pink
  3 sheets of dark purple
  3 sheets of dark pink
  glue sticks
printout of the quotes

Make your Obedience prayer or quote with printer paper and then cut out and let the girls glue to the fleece.

Each lamb as four pieces, you assemble them in a certain order..watch the pictures...

 brown on dark purple with 4 legs.

next put light purple on top

then add white fleece cut out on top of light purple

 and your lamb is done.
Here's the quote to stick or glue on the lambs fleece. You can print a page of 12 here. I put our sheet of lamb quotes on sticker paper- just because they already have a lot of gluing and some are young and get tired.

Children, obey your parents in the
Lord, for this is right. 'Honor your
 father and mother.’ Eph. 6: 1-2

Genna's purple lamb with the sticker on.

This really is a cheap way to do the stickers and scrapbook pages and lambs for a meeting and it didn't take but two evenings to work on.