Saturday, September 5, 2015

First Communion Pennant Banner for Knox

I am trying to plow through some of these homemade items while I still feel up to it, before I am thrown a curve ball with this pregnancy. I am about done with the First Communion sign for our house party. Even if no one came, it's still worth all the effort to show Knox how important this event is. (But I think he knows anyway).

The pennants are 5 1/2" (turn on the real dial when cutting these) from the Cricut Pretty Pennants Cartridge (another great one my mother in law handed down to me).  I have a Cricut Personal, and that's as big as they can cut. I wouldn't go bigger anyway- it's huge already. 
The letters are from the Cricut Story Book Cartridge. I didn't do any inking of the edges on this, it's already taking enough time up. Although maybe some brown around the letters would have looked cool.

This is what my home school room has looked like all day. It was cleaner earlier.

I sat on that pillow because my tush was hurting.

The kids like to sit in there and socialize with me and they do their own little projects. This was a boat that Knox created out of tape and camo paper. Pretty good for a 7 year old boy. It's 3-d. He makes all sort of hunting rifles and shot guns from paper too, it's really interesting how well he sees things in 3-d.

a battle ship

My notes on how to make Jesus on the cross. That Cricut New Testament Cartridge is CONFUSING. But if you are wanting a 4 1/4" Crucified Jesus cut out, there's my notes.. 

Here's the finished product.

The face is hard to do. I had a heck of a time gluing the microscopic parts. I don't care, I am not redoing it.

I went back and added an"apostrophe S", so now it reads "Knox's".

The cross paper behind the letters is from Hobby Lobby. I just used a goldish shiny yellow paper from Michael's (go figure I had two different stores to pick up from- I started out using left overs, and had to continue and that created extra stops).

This cup came together by accident, I wish I had the notes like I did on the crucifix. Another confusing cut out on this cartridge. But looks beautiful when done. I used some gold paper behind the cup to make the dots stand out, same gold paper on the bottom around the base and upper part of cup. I have another one or two images I want to add, a Rosary and maybe a monstrance- another night.

Stacks and stacks of letters till I can string them together. We're still waiting on our wheat cartridge for the invitations. We don't have a date, but will get the pieces all cut out and ready.


  1. I love this... I need to see about getting some new cartridges!!! I didn't even know they had a wheat cart., Or a New Testament cart. I will have to check it out! <3 Thank you for sharing!! I see that you posted this in 2015, so I'm that far out of date... I don't use my cricut all that much, but it would be so handy if I could use this for my First Communion Class! <3 Thank you for the inspiration!! Jennifer


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