Saturday, September 5, 2015

Genevieve's name banner

Here's Genna's name banner. I used paper from Hobby Lobby- it's 50% off right now. It took three hours or so to make (I think with all the interruptions and it's sort of the first time I have done this).

Paper from Hobby Lobby- including the blue.

Using Pretty Pennants Cricut Cartridge, (5 1/2" & turn on your real dial size) I used two different pennant overlays, cut from the patterned paper, (sounds like a tongue twister) as well as used alternating backgrounds in the same paper with them. So purple paper background with polka dot overlay (cut in paisley or flowers). OR polka dot banner background cut with flower over lay in purple on the right. 

polka dot paper with paisley cut overlay on purple banner background (above)

purple overlay in paisley cut on polka dot banner background (above)

All so pretty without letters!

Next came the letters, which are cut out from the Cricut Story book Cartridge at 3 3/4".

At first we tried them with out a background, but they needed some "oomff.."

We inked the edges in silver pink or purple ink, depending on if it was a light or dark edge to begin with. I even inked some of the overlay if you can believe that- very carefully.

They just were hidden by the busy background. Scroll on scroll is too busy. So we just cut out squares with the paper cutter by hand to fit each letter.

Genna, Brenden and I also inked the purple edges of these in silver But didn't do the letters. We used sticky foam to make the letters stand up off the banner backgrounds- the more foam the better the letters will look.
And then we added sticky rhinestones to the letters an also the bottom flaps.

I have a ton of scrap ribbons and fond a matching purple one. I punched two square holes in each letter and threaded it through.

See where the holes were punched above the letters? (below)

 Now it's ready to hang up in Genna's room.

Update ** I made my niece Grace one as well. Same design ;) We'll save it for her birthday.

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