Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Original lesson outlines for Little Flowers

I went ahead and uploaded my original lesson outlines I have typed up for Little Flowers- it's only every other meeting I am responsible for the lesson on the virtue- so not all the lessons we have presented are there. Yes they are my original thoughts on paper- lol adjust them to your needs, but it should give you an idea of what you can teach to the girls ages 4-7. (I am thinking my sisters might need these someday for their daughters). 

Lesson 1  Virtue of Faith outline  St. Catherine of Sienna,  Sunflower

Lesson 3 Virtue of Love of God  St. Agnes, Peony

Lesson 5 Virtue of Obedience  St. Joan of Arc,  Carnation

There is also a meeting outline and registration form if you want to use them. (and now I can delete my files! wuwho! Hello memory space!)

Meeting outline

Registration form

  Of course if you need to link do it through my blog post and not to my my documents themselves. I do have my scrapbook pages saved too, but they are not published. However I am happy to share them with any of you moms! Thanks!

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