Friday, September 18, 2015

Making a First Communion journal (try and do it for free)

A lot of the First Communion journals that are available to order and download or have sent in the mail cost money and even the individual worksheets from some websites start to add up in cost. Pick wisely- it's easy to OVERPRINT! Or maybe you can produce your own.

I complied web addresses (and my own photos of my kids' stuff) that I found relevant in case you feel the need to make a First Communion Journal.  Honestly, it's not a requirement its just something for the kids to look back on, feel free to skip it- because sometimes other children need your attention and the time isn't there. And there is no right or wrong way to do it either. That's the great thing about homeschooling.

My kids enjoyed a lot of Catholic Icings printables, these are some of the ones we included in our journal.

How to draw Grapes and Wheat- it's free for subscribers, just check the link in your emails you get for the subscriber bonus page.

Journal Cover- by Catholic Icing- also a freebie for subscribers. It's also fun to make your own.

Journal Cover #2- Here's another free journal cover with a cute little church to color.

Ten commandments lap book

This FREE lap book helped us with the Ten Commandments and we had a lot of fun with it, it was wonderful that it came out at the same time we were needing something as we were in the middle of memorizing them. It can adjust it to fit onto journal pages easily, instead of using a file folder, just make tablets on cardstock. (We are going to make ours fit in.)

The age at which my kids are/were working on their journals is young and they don't feel like writing out prayers they have been reciting since they were able to talk. Copy work is not really fun, and I don't blame them. So don't feel like you need to write out all their prayers, it's just not necessary at a young age, and if you taught them their prayers slowly and correctly they are probably good to go till they have the stamina for writing it. IF they agree to- great, if not, leave it out and move on to something they like. Keep it fun.

I am super impressed by these freebies- it's a lot of printing but it's free! There are several books you might like to download on there, or maybe just certain pages that you would want to print off. But what a wonderful resource!

Catholic Icings printable pages- they aren't free. But I love the Apostles Creed print out.

Tending Our Lord's Garden- her pages are free and lovely.

You can make your own worksheets using Google Docs and add an image. I created one for the Act of Contrition for our kids, it's easy to make them also with those free worksheet creators for tracing.

For additional relevant worksheets- which come straight from a PSR sacramental prep program I recommend this website. They are free to print. We used a lot of them and actually LIKED them.

A great craft we did was this Confession Treasure Box, it's simple and doesn't take more than an hour.  We put it on cardstock, so it's nice and stiff and will make a nice back cover. Here's a simple way to do it, in case you don't have the extra colored paper and jewels, but have a color printer and white paper and hopefully brown for a "box". I uploaded it on Scribd if you want to print it out there.

There is much more you could expand on. 
Patron Saints ( or try these pages I made to go with our MODG Saint picture notebook)

 Special quotes from Saints
 Scripture quotes- make a printable worksheet
 cut outs or coloring pages of a chalice and wheat the Eucharist, lambs, altars vine and grapes (use your Cricut!)
Eucharistic symbols or Latin and Greek Symbols, like Chi-Rho
more on the parts of the Mass
original drawings

Hope this gave you some inspiration.

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