Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Today was Knox's Patron Saint's feast day, St. Michael. He was treated to special pancakes and a special dinner and dessert today. Genna was my little helper as usual. This has been quite a week so far with my ribs- which I will explain further down.

Genna's funny pancake face.

Apple Puff pancakes- more like a dessert except there are a lot of eggs- so it does keep you full.

What was left of the pancakes. I made them using the St. Michael's Guafres recipe.

We've been homeschooling in my living room off and on for two weeks. I had some sort of "flu" two weeks ago and I could only lay on the couch with a fever and terrible sweats (no bowel or stomach problems). AND because I hate being behind in school, we still did school (thank goodness no one else got sick). 

But now I seem to have a couple cracked ribs, or some cartilage damage in my lower right ribs- I can feel grinding and popping. And I can't hardly drive or stand to walk or bend over, let alone cough and sneeze and sometimes breath. This is my fifth week recovering from a cough I stirred up when I cleaned my chicken coop. I think the flu on top of the cough did my ribs in. So I have to sit on the couch to be comfortable while they heal up. 
The best story is me sitting on our couch last night, and the NOT SO ITSY BITSY brown recluse crawling up the couch's arm next to me. I smashed it mostly with my forearm and jumped up and yelled, yes it hurt my ribs but I can still move for EMERGENCIES! Then this morning we found a tarantula sized wolf spider (which would make it a female I think) inside the screen to our homeschool room. We caught her, she was beautiful- she is spending the night with some crickets outside in an observation jar. I sort of hope we don't find any more spiders. The bug man just happens to be coming on Thursday ;)

The kids have these cute coloring books on Guardian Angels they have to work on for 1st grade and have finished by the Feast of the Guardian Angels in October. There is some Archangel stuff in there too. Genna was a little behind in her coloring book and worked really hard today getting caught up and even did the Archangel page and the other fun pages. Knox never completed those particular three pages last year, so he also worked on his today.

These coloring books are at the Catholic book stores in town. They are what we're using since Neuman Press discontinued their angel coloring book as listed in the MODG 1st grade syllabus.

We listened and reviewed the Angel hierarchies and their roles. Dr. Miravalle has an excellent short talk on YouTube. I like his Catholic Lighthouse cd- which I lost somewhere around here. 

And dad took the boys out to shoot. What a great way to end your feast day eh?

"Mommy take my picture!" Crockpot apple chicken and squash cubes...mmmm..

For dessert we had blackberry cobbler again. These lovely dinner ideas came from Catholic Cuisine.  The deal with the blackberries is humorous. Legend has it that when St. Michael cast Satan from heaven on September 29th, he spat on some blackberries (must have landed on them), which makes them no good to eat after that date. If you read up on Mont Saint Michel, France, you find out that's the location where it's traditionally believed that St. Michael won his victory over the mighty dragon in the book of Revelation. I traveled to Mont Saint Michel in highschool and I don't remember any blackberry bushes, but that mighty victory would have occurred before all the buildings were constructed and stones and concrete. I just remember a lot of sheep. Either way it makes for a fun and exciting story.

Saint Michael Pray for us!

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