Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rose clip hair craft for Little Flowers Virtue of Love of Neighbor

My friend Michelle directed the craft this last month (August) for Little Flowers when she hosted our meeting. Her idea of doing roses hair clips was awesome! I don't have any pictures of the meeting. However, this idea was so easy. She decided to make rose hair clips with the girls from ric rac. Genna and I were so thrilled I made some more this that weekend. I keep forgetting to post my pictures. She loves her new hair clips. I even made her a hair clip board in her room. I was so glad I had supplies laying around here for everything. IT sort of gets rid of clutter when you use the clutter ya know? lol

You need:

You need VERY wide jumbo ric rac. The bigger the more it looks like a rose, the smaller looks like just another flower. BUT all still very pretty. 
Hot glue gun
hair clips
skinny satin ribbon to cover the hair clips
satin green ribbon to make a leaf (I used 3" wide)
matches to burn edges of ribbons

First get the clip ready.
Cut out your leaf from green ribbon and burn the edges. 
Cut out your ribbon to cover your hair clip and burn the edges too.
Glue your skinny ribbon onto your clip and then your leaf straight on top.

Next cut two 18"pieces of jumbo ric rac (5/8th maybe?) and hot glue the ends together and then "braid" them (I dont know what else to call it). It will want to twist up on you so have something heavy to anchor your hot glued end.

Hot glue gun the ends on the lose end. 
When your done roll it up on itself and glue down the end underneath.

When your ready glue that bud onto your leaf..let it cool and your done.

You can pull on the ric rac to open the bud up or change it a bit.

Here's some others I did below, this one I sewed ric rac ( I made a matching pair for her pig tails) The buttons are from a huge button box.

I used regular craft felt to glue the clip and bow together.
The lace is sewn down to the felt.

This peachy lace was so pretty, it's also sewn and got a fancy button. Lace in all these is from the Goodwill.  The buttons on them are so old, they were rusty and glass (see through) but I loved them too pretty to not use.  They got sewed and glued down!

Felt backing to glue to the clip.

Genna had to redo her scrapbook page from the Love of Neighbor meeting, she didn't get the help she needed (you'd think since I am her mom I would be there, but I was busy helping with hair clips). Since we didn't have the original document at home from the leader we had to remake everything with the Cricut and I let her use the paper cutter and special crafter's tape.  She did all the cutting, I helped her line up her corners so her paper was straight, but I think she did a pretty good job with the stickers and gluing! 

of course as soon as she completed it her brother's drink dripped on the

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