Tuesday, September 1, 2015

two cool clubs for kids, St. Juan Diego and Tarcisians of the Sacred Heart

I keep forgetting to post this. My out of town friend Erin posted this last March, It's about devotion to the Sacred Heart in the home.... In reading through everything I found this cool little club...named after St. Tarcisius. Here's the club link. Yes you actually do a hand written letter, no emails apparently..lol  But I got a reply and the stuff in the mail.
  I am making a quickie about it. Hopefully you can read the pictures. This might be a good thing to attach to a club you are already in, maybe Little Flowers, or Scouts, Blue Knight, or just do it at home..etc..

If you did an enthronement in your home, this club is definitely for you!

And did I mention it's free!

On to the next club.

Starting at birth to age 18.

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