Sunday, September 6, 2015

update on First Communion cards and pennant banner

I was so excited today! I finished up the paper cutting part of the projects we have going on for the pennant banner and First Communion invites. We got three new Cricut cartridges in the mail. One from ebay- the Go Canada cartridge with the wheat we needed ($7 total!) and then two from my mother in law- one being the Sophisticated Cartridge. I ended up using it too- it was a blessing. 

There's the directions for the following pictures.
 Using the Sophisticated Cartridge- I did 1/2" letters for the "ihs"
I used the George Cartridge  to make 1 1/2" circles for the Eucharist
Go Canada Cartridge  3 3/4" wheat stalks

Trying to come up with a design for another pennant on the banner.

Finished wheat and Eucharist pennant.

That "ihs" took awhile to get straight and perfect, my other ones are much better. Half inch letters are hard to work with!

Knox will need to pick a ribbon color to string the pennants together.

Moving on the invites now. I got out the fancy paper we bought.

This is the lay out. We'll be assembling the cards when we have a date. Sparkly paper.

Sorry about the glarey flash, but that's the rough draft design beside it. I am still waiting on an embossing pad I purchased off Ebay to come in the mail, and we'll probably emboss the chalices with crosses.

Large pile of pieces waiting to be put together. We might ink the edges of some of the pieces yet too, like the wheat and Eucharist might look good I think lightly inked. Can't wait to get them together with Knox. It's part of his assignments for MODG. What a blessing to be able to make his own from scratch.

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