Sunday, September 20, 2015

Working on Little Flowers scrapbook pages and craft for the Virtue of Obedience

I just inspected my ill hen at 3 am (not sure if she's better, but looked a bit better), and now decided to go ahead and make my post about some of what I worked on tonight. I am rebounding with sleep still- I had the weirdest flu this week- temperature and horrible sweating and then uncontrollable chills that were about incapacitating. Thank goodness no ER visits- thank you extra strength tylenol.
  We have a meeting Tuesday and this is what I did for the scrapbook pages. Gathering all the inspiration from Jessica at Shower of Roses, this is how I did those cute scrapbook pages. 
I used my Cricut for die cuts and made stickers with sticker paper in my regular color printer. This month I made enough for 12 girls- as we had 2 new girls last month who hadn't come before- yea! Supplies I used are below. (You can cheat like I did and use these easy to make supplies or substitute in others if you have no Cricut- I highly recommend getting one or borrowing it!)

For supplies for 12 scrapbook pages like these you need:

approx- 2 sheets of sticker paper and a  color printer to print carnation flowers- I used the ones from Google Images on mine (*and Shower of Roses on the girls- they were a bit darker when they printed, I didn't want to waste what I printed).

12 sheets of blue card stock by Recollections

12 images of Joan of Arc and your homemade print out of the Virtue you are studying- obedience

1 sheet yellow, 1 orange or 1 light red paper with polka dots  by Recollections for the Cricut to cut out the word "Obedience" with the Story Book cartridge (O is 2" tall and the other letters are 1"tall)

Xyron sticker creator and sticker tape to run your letters through

5 pieces of yellow paper- not too light but to make shadow boxes for your cut out phrases, quotes and picture..etc.

paper cutter for the adult who's helping to cut out the yellow shadow boxes for the girls- takes way to long otherwise

scissors and glue sticks for the girls.

Cricut Personal and Story Book Cartridge

I didn't list this but I use this crafter's tape to stick my yellow shadow boxes to my scripture quotes and prayer and St. Joan picture. I will let the girls use their glue sticks. But this stuff is great and easy to use! Glue dots are another easy no cleanup option.

loose pieces cut out, stickers are of the flowers and "OBEDIENCE" letters

possible lay out after loose pieces were put together with yellow shadow boxes (using a paper cutter is convenient here).

Here is Genna's scrapbook page from the meeting.

the stickers were a hit! I added a fleur de lis sticker for the girls at the last minute since it was St. Joan of Arc.

Now the

For the craft- inspiration was from Shower of Roses' suggestion to buy a lamb craft- the link was broken, so my best interpretation is below.  Joan of Arc was a little maiden shepherd girl from the oak grove (if you listen to Holy Heroes).  She willingly obeyed God's command to lead and save the France and the Dauphin Charles or Prince Charles.  So a lamb is perfect! And don't lambs sort of obey their Shepherd? Well most the time they 
We'll assemble some lambs I cut out with the Cricut. I used Noah's Ark cartridge- I didn't do the 3-d lamb, just regular ones (that was way more complicated than I needed to tonight). I cut these at 5 1/2 " big.  We're going to put a Obedience prayer/quote on the fleece.

Ours will be
Children, obey your parents in the
Lord, for this is right. 'Honor your
 father and mother.’ Eph. 6: 1-2

Supplies for the lambs for 12 girls.
  4 sheets of white card stock
  3 sheets of light purple
  3 sheets of light pink
  3 sheets of dark purple
  3 sheets of dark pink
  glue sticks
printout of the quotes

Make your Obedience prayer or quote with printer paper and then cut out and let the girls glue to the fleece.

Each lamb as four pieces, you assemble them in a certain the pictures...

 brown on dark purple with 4 legs.

next put light purple on top

then add white fleece cut out on top of light purple

 and your lamb is done.
Here's the quote to stick or glue on the lambs fleece. You can print a page of 12 here. I put our sheet of lamb quotes on sticker paper- just because they already have a lot of gluing and some are young and get tired.

Children, obey your parents in the
Lord, for this is right. 'Honor your
 father and mother.’ Eph. 6: 1-2

Genna's purple lamb with the sticker on.

This really is a cheap way to do the stickers and scrapbook pages and lambs for a meeting and it didn't take but two evenings to work on.

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