Friday, September 25, 2015

Yea we got a date for Knox's First Holy Communion!

We finished assembling his home made invites this afternoon. It's been a rough road full of discouragement from every direction but we are finally getting there- thanks to prayer and patience. I can't describe it better than a door being opened and a cool breeze of the Holy Spirit blowing through. 

Thank you Xyron sticker maker.
These 1/2" letters would not be fun to glue down.

And the wheat would have been difficult to glue too.

I had to do the embossing on the chalice because the Sizzix plates kept shifting the wafer dye cut, and I did his IHS on the host due to the minute size. But he did the rest. They came out lovely. I am glad we had them prepped before hand, it made for an easy afternoon art project.

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