Sunday, October 18, 2015

30 mins- How to make a no sew Juan Diego tilma for an All Saints Day costume with a real fabric image of Guadalupe.

For you mom's who need a quick tilma the week of All Saints day- I mean you can make this  under a half an hour complete with our Lady of Guadalupe!

For the whole costume:
white karate pants - find at the Goodwill in with costumes
sombrero- find at the Goodwill
white t-shirt
off white fabric for tilma (1/2 yard to 3/4 yard) from Walmart (for the tilma)
Create out Loud Print and Transfer sheets- from Walmart (for the tilma)

For the tilma alone...Go buy some cotton canvas-like off white fabric- 1/2 yard to 3/4 yard depending on how big your child is.  It need to sort of look plant fiberish- like it was made from a cactus fiber- I have no idea what that would look like in real life actually..  (I am washing mine and ironing my fabric- you can skip that part if you want but it will need ironing.)

I purchased some off white material at Walmart for Knox (who is 7 years) and had it cut to 3/4 yard, and it cost a whopping $3.75. I didn't sew the edges. It didn't need it, the rough edges looked fine after I ironed it. Skip the wash if you don't want to iron.

For your Lady of Guadalupe...  Go to the party planning section at Walmart- where they keep the Mardi Gras beads and feather boas and cow bells for football games. There you will find this iron on transfer material made from fabric. It's not a washable transfer fyi.

"Create Out Loud" Print and Transfer, easy to use with ink jet printers.  They have a pack of 3 sheets for around $7.00.  There is a envelope of  off white sheets for light colored fabric, and one for dark fabric. Also there is an envelope for cotton and then an envelope for cotton read the packaging carefully.

Just print off your image as you would any other document. The side with glue is not the side you will be printing on. AND be sure and carefully examine the transfer fabric/paper. It's hard to see, but one side has a little bit of glossy glue and the other side is matte. You need a good light to see the shiny side. PRINT ON THE MATTE SIDE!

I am making her huge since the real one was hug and I printed her off on two sheets. I am going to carefully line the sheets up on the tilma. I did a little overlap on the printing so I had some room for error. I did not have a jam or any problems, I fed the fabric in one sheet at a time though with nothing else. Once the edges get damaged you may not be able to print, so be SUPER CAREFUL when handling the transfer fabric/paper.

Iron on to your tilma as the packaging directs. And you are done!

Final image on the ironed fabric.

Start by cutting a small neck hole- then adjust the size as you try it on. You can't put fabric back on, but you can always adjust in small increments.

This outfit can be paired with white Karate pants, a sombrero, and a white t-shirt. These are all things you can purchase at the Goodwill during Halloween season for cheap!

If you want roses you can add some and safety pin them on. I have some crocheted roses Knox wants pinned on.


  1. Your Lady of Guadalupe looks beautiful on the Transfer paper. we have been trying to make my son a costume to play Juan Diego but have trouble with Lady of Guadalupe. We need the image of Lady of Guadalupe to have a blue mantel and pink dress.
    would you be willing to make a iron on again and sell it to me. we are not as crafty as some.
    Thanks for your ideas and help.
    yours truly desperate mom.
    Cat McMayon

  2. Thanks! I wish I had the time!

  3. Is the matte side a little more textured?
    And do you print the picture in mirror setting?

    1. I think it had shiney stuff like flakes of glue, so yea, it's probably more textured. No need to mirror it, I thought all that time I needed to mirror it, but it's not transparent and it's not a reversed iron on. You print just like you see it- as any normal document on your screen onto the non glue side, so the right side is already up. Then the iron activates the glue on the other side when you iron it- be careful not to burn the ink.


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