Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Do it yourself Sacrament keepsake box for Catholic Sacraments

Have you seen those adorable boxes for kids that holds their sacramental souvenirs, cards, pictures, and certificates and candles, etc? They are so cute. They make great gifts for baptisms or for a special God child at any special celebration!

I offered Knox the chance to make his own Sacramental keepsake box this afternoon. And of course this is our last big undertaking this week, it's time to get the house ready for guests after his sacraments take place this weekend.

 For this art project you will need something similar to what you see above.  A clean, heavy duty, cardboard box and a fitted lid.  {We used the last of my Ikea boxes. They are called Kassett, and come in a package of three. They are sold on Amazon in white and black but I don't think I paid that much, I am thinking in the IKEA store it was around $9 for the pack of 3..  But anyway, if you don't have IKEA maybe you can find something similar somewhere else.}

They are a good size box, large enough for statues and candles. 

You will also need Holy Cards (this is a great way to thin them out), religious stickers, any religious postcards or pictures etc.. We even used a small wood cross.

Some of these you can order on Autom's website.

Also you will need,  a paint brush and jar Mod Podge. 

Knox picked out his favorite Holy Cards and images and postcards, as well as stickers to add, and a small wood cross- they are sold in threes at Hobby Lobby. Then he laid our where he wanted his pictures, postcards and stickers to go. 

He rearranged it a few times. 
Then he mod podged under the pictures (I would recommend going heavy on the Mod Podge if you have postcards or anything thick.) 

Then he stuck his pictures down on top and then mod podged over them (like a sandwich).

Don't be afraid to go heavy on the Mod Podge because you want your stuff to stick and not peel up, almost soaking it..but you also need to be careful the pictures aren't too wet that they will tear.

Even Genna came and helped out with the Mod Podge. She painted his wood cross gold with the gold paint pen. We glued on the cross with a hot glue gun.

side 1

Top of the lid

Side 2

Side 3.

If you end up with an ugly box but it's a solid and clean one, I have a solution for you, other than painting it.

Mod Podge on pretty paper! This can all be done in layers at the same time.

You can go fancy on these projects and make them for gifts for people or just for other storage things, say like storing your Saint Peg Doll collections or Catholic Mass kit and garments, Baptisms, First Communions, All Saints Day..etc..

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