Wednesday, October 21, 2015

First Communion dessert menu idea- Chalice jello

To make these cute Chalice Jello "wines" (there is actually no alcohol at all) you will need:

Red to dark purple Jello. And at least one small box of jello for every 5 wine glasses (this is my recommendation for cups specifically that are Dollar Tree- 6 plastic wine glasses/ 

Dollar Tree plastic wine glasses. package) Be sure and check the package carefully- most the time you will find cracks in them around the bases or top cup.

My large box of Jello did about ten glasses. The smaller ones did 5 glasses each.

Inspect them carefully in the store for cracks before you buy! Almost all the packages have cracks.

I created a stencil on my Cricut machine to tape on the chalices. Then used a paint marker to color in a cross and then later IHS on the other side in gold. The cross stencil was easy and didn't wear out before I was done.

 The IHS stencil was nearly impossible because of the way an H stencil is cut and and S stencil too- you have parts that are sort of loose due to their shape in the middle of the letters, and then paint gets behind it and smears everywhere.

Brown and Gold. Although probably brown would have been fine- the gold doesn't really show up.

   The IHS is harder to see since it was done in gold.

Finally I got all the IHS's done...whew, most of them I had to forgo the stencil.

These two helped but so did Knox, and I feel bad I didn't get his picture helping.

Fill them up with Jello- after its a little bit cooler. The plastic cups will melt!

I wish I could have filled them up more, but I ran out of Jello. The designs on the side of the cup would have been more see-able.

I am going to stick a white marshmallow or another flat white piece of candy in them Sunday. They are covered and sitting in the garage fridge now!

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