Saturday, October 24, 2015

First Communion preps.

I know things are going well being instilled, because when we left Knox's first confession tonight, Genna and Brenden cried they weren't making theirs (I knox Genna genuinely wants to and Brenden is the tag a long three year old).  So I told Genna soon she would not to worry, and she teary eyed told me her soul wasn't shiny and new like Knox's! OOOH tugging on my heart strings, I told her not to worry it was still, her time hasn't come yet, and that soon we would be prepping her for her sacraments. She and Brenden both want to receive Communion so bad. I took everyone out for State of Grace ice cream at Braum's (using our free book buddy coupons) afterward. I am so glad I have a blog to write these things into so I can remember how wonderful all this has been for our family. The graces we are all getting are amazing.

IF you have seen my past cake pictures, you know I am NOT a cake decorator at all. I went forward with making Knox's First Communion cake though, I really wanted to say that I tried and buying the cake pan for $8 was so much better than paying for a $40 cake. I made sugar cookies too. And I probably wont have time to photograph everything tomorrow morning during his First Communion party, so I took some pictures today and yesterday of our preparations. We have had so much fun this week, it's been very exciting!

I am soo glad he approved!

Grandma cut the cake down for me. She mixed it too ;) I was busy with cross cookies. If my mom and dad hadn't picked up the slack for us I don't know where I would be tonight. NOT ON HERE!

Walmart's cake section. I used some choco balls for the little bead looking decorations- also from Walmart.  They reminded us of Rosary beads.

So how do you cover a cake that needs to sit out all night till the next day?

Use playdough! My kids have a ton of playdough and it just happened the first container I grabbed was about dried out almost where I couldn't get a toothpick into it. The raised toothpicks gave my seran wrap enough clearance over the frosting ;)

I don't know how much help it actually is, but it's better than nothing!

And the cookies...I actually did them first.
  The cookie cutter are from Amazon. I ordered the Chalice cookie cutter here and the Cross here.

Getting sugar in a cup can be hard.

Everyone helped, Brenden made me laugh Thursday night. He asked..
"Me go to Knox's First Communion?"

I didn't think to straighten all their "stems". Be sure and make them straight before you bake them!

I don't know how people can possibly have a steady hand doing this. My fingers were worn out and felt tired from squeezing. See the one crooked one? He didn't get straightened before I baked him.

Black Glitter Icing from Wilton- it's cool looking. I wish I would have known to look for it before last night when I was out of time. I wanted to find Yellow Glitter icing.

Still looks like it can hold a few more cookies right?

Till tomorrow the dessert area is covered up. I will bring out the Chalice jellos tomorrow and set them down on the black top.

There's that pennant banner I worked on a few months ago with my Cricut. 

My mom gave us some beautiful flowers from her gardens for centerpieces for the food tables. The roses in the middle smelled AMAZING.

 I got these cute grape clusters at the Goodwill, and I used my leftover Wheat from our Jesse Tree ornaments as well- these will help decorate the sides of the cake pan for tomorrow.

Tonight at bed time we recited the St. Michael Chaplet because it's his Patron Saint. Have you seen the promises if you say it before you receive Communion?  St. Michael promised that those who 
practice this devotion would have, when approaching Holy Communion, an escort of nine angels 
chosen from the nine Choirs. 

The Angelic Military escort is an awesome spiritual addition to his First Communion. Congrats Knox!

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