Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jesse Tree Ornament : Abraham and Isaac, Sacrifice of the son

If you have a Cricut and the New Testament Cartridge you can make these in a night. There are other Cricut cartridges with lambs, and I saw a ram with horns on one- but it had some weird interior cut outs on the body which I wasn't thrilled about and he didn't work out.

FOR this you will need your Cricut of course and New Testament cartridge.
Black, white and grey card stock (not sure why my grey isn't here in the picture) Glue sticks, scissors, mini clothes pins, black paint, and white woolly looking yarn- almost a full roll.

This was a full roll of yarn to begin with- it's almost gone.

My helper painted the clothes pins black. They will want to stick shut- so carefully open them when they finally are dry.

You need one pair of clothes pins per sheep. 

I cut my sheep in three colors of card stock, at 2 1/4 inches- I tried several sizes and this one fit the size of the clothes pin legs the best in my opinion. My only complaint is the black cut out is a huge paper waster- and you'll know what I mean when you cut them out. But that's okay, the white and grey you can work with your machine to save paper.

The black body gets glued on top of grey body. And glue the grey ear on the black head.

Then glue your white body on top of your black body.

And then glue your black head on the white body. Cut off their little legs..lol As you can see below that's what they look like with their paper legs...we're giving them black clothes pin legs to stand  with in this tutorial.

(pre-leg trim, see the difference in size. The 2 inch was cute too with the clothes pin legs but the     2 1/4" was even better and larger.)

Here were the other sizes that failed...Their heads were longer than their legs.

Let your helpers help. Glue sticks are fun!

We played a bit with our flock of 28 sheep.

"mommy take my picture!"

Our flock of Cricut sheep, without their coats.

Finally wrap them up in their warm "fleece" yarn coat.

I tied a loop at the end of my yarn so they can hang- that way it doesn't cost extra to buy ornament hooks.

Happy sheep!

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