Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jesse Tree ornament tutorial for Wheat (Ruth and Boaz).

I love Jesse tree ornaments! I had the chance to join a swap again, and I am again making two ornaments so I can get back two sets. Today we finished from beginning to end one set of ornaments. Thanks to my helpers- it went fast. Here's how to make a very simple Jesse Tree Wheat ornament for Boaz and Ruth around Day 10, depending on how many days are in Advent and what you are including on your Jesse Tree.

Just so you don't have to go searching for another other Jesse Tree ornament tutorials are:

 You need:
wheat (if you're lucky like me you find a bundle of wheat the day before at the Goodwill for $3.99     minus your 10% discount)
large Clothes pins
ribbon- brownish harvest colors, dark red velvet are good choices
gold paper cut 1 1/4" circles- I used my Cricut George Shapes cartridge
hot glue gun and matches

Lucky find at Good Will just a few days ago.

Gold paper, clothes pins, ribbon

Cut your ribbon and burn the ends (done by Genna with help from mom).

Cut your circles. I used my Cricut at 1 1/4" with the George cartridge.

Cut your wheat heads off (leaving a little stem)

Better to be long than short on the wheat.

Glue your ribbon onto your clothes pins. We use low temp glue guns so the kids can do the work.

Label your clothes pins with the name of the ornament (This one says "Ruth and Boaz, Advent 2015")

Get ready....  (So Genna and Knox are you going to do this with your kids?  "OH YEA" was their responses)

to glue on your gold circles. Notice where they are placed- at the closed end. This will help later as you see where the head of the wheat is placed. So that when you open and pinch the clothes pin with your fingers, the wheat head doesn't get damaged.

Correct placement is important on the gold circle.

Glue on the heads of the wheat as you see above. 

FYI .... I trimmed the long filaments or "beard" at the end of my wheat a bit so they would fit into snack baggies. Be sure and measure it, you don't want to make your wheat un-natural looking.

Make some bags and paper slips with your name and the name of the ornament.

Let the kids help ;)

Each bag has a label and ornament inside of it. Squeeze that air out.

Give me a few more days and I will have my next ornament up.

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