Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Knox's First Communion felt banner- a NO SEW project

 Before you jump to conclusions that you can't do this- this can be done with any template or stencil (I just happened to use my Cricut- which didn't work) so the process transferred to stenciling on the Heat and Bond backing.  You can follow the same process and use internet templates for the shapes you need.

We have some excited siblings who can't wait to do one now. Brenden was so cute saying he was going to make his First Communion too.

 We got it done!  Yesterday and today, we browsed the internet looking for banner ideas. Knox picked out the shapes he wanted on his first Communion banner and I bonded the no sew "Heat and Bond" and the felt together. (The felt was from Walmart's craft section). 

When we went to cut the shapes on the Cricut, we found out the Cricut Personal wouldn't cut the felt, it's just to thick. Apparently it just will cut regular cotton.

It left very scratched in lines in the felt, and it was easy to cut around with sewing scissors, but it never actually cut through the felt- even when I adjusted the pressure. So a lot of this I cut by hand with Knox.

No sew "Heat and Bond" Ultrahold.

Our attempt with the Cricut.. Boo Cricut wouldn't cut!

"Plan B"  trace shapes on the paper on the backside and then cut with sewing scissors.

Parts to the chalice- we cut the shapes out and traced around them.

Chalice was cut with paper and then traced onto the paper backing of the Heat and Bond.

So the "KNOX"  and the "Fleur De Lis" were the two attempts to cut the felt itself- then we gave up. (The chalice, host, cross and Holy Spirit and circles for the grapes, were cut by hand after I traced on the paper on the backside using a template we cut from paper on the Cricut.)

The grapes.  I cut out a 3/4" circle using the George shapes cartridge to make the grapes. I traced the itty bitty things on the back of light purple and dark purple felt. Then Knox got to cut them out.

He pulled the paper backing off and then arranged them on a piece of brown felt which was backed too.

If you don't arrange them on a separate piece of felt it will be really hard to adjust and move around on your final piece.

Then we had the grape leaf dilemma. We didn't have a grape leaf at all, so I drew one and cut it out on a piece of green felt with Heat and Bond backing.

Knox decided where the leaf would look the best.

Then we removed the leaf and ironed the grapes down to the brown felt.

This was Knox's first time ironing- it was pretty simple for him.

When he was done ironing the grapes down on the brown felt he cut the grapes out and retried his lay out with the leaf and the rest of his banner. The sad wheat was my doing- it was drawn free hand and cut out.

He had to go through all the pieces and pull the paper backing off.

Once he had the backing off I ironed together the cup since it had some weird overlapping pieces that we didn't want to slide around.

When the cup was done, he began ironing all his other pieces where he thought they would look best.

"Hey look I got my name done!"

Everyone was eager to see how it would turn out.

The Holy Spirit had a teeny tiny beak I ironed on for him- so it was last.

"I don't think it's done yet"

"I am still waiting"

Yea! It's done! There's an extra inch at the top we will fold over and sew to slip a dowel rod through to help hang it up.

If you want the summary of where the shapes came from:
All the pieces were backed with Heat and Bond.
The Holy Spirit, Chalice and Cross were from the New Testament Cricut Cartridge
The Eucharist and grapes were made cutting individual circles out from the George Shapes.
The Knox and Fleur de lis were sad attempts to use the Cricut to cut felt- I just cut the felt out over the scratch rough markes the blade made (it didn't cut through). 
The Fleur de lis was from the Sophisticated Cartridge
The KNOX really was free hand in the end- the letters were supposed to be Storybook Cartridge letters, but the details were impossible to see in the felt and just ended up being a freehand in the end.
Wheat was mom's attempt at freehand ;) One was ruined when I cut it out.
Grape leaf was free hand.

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