Sunday, October 25, 2015

Knox's First Communion

This was the most perfect week and we could not have been blessed with more perfect weather. The wind wasn't an issue- which is amazing for Kansas, and the temperature was perfect and the bugs are pretty much gone thanks to the night time lows right now. The day was beautiful! 

Thank you, dear Jesus, for all that you blessed our family with this past week!

Just before Mass- we love this grotto. Our cousins greeted us out front with big hugs. Brenden is our cool guy!

Thanks to my mom and sister we got some bonus pictures! These are good friends of ours. Cheryl there on the left is going to be our new little sister's Godmother ;)


Knox's Godfather Derek and Godmother (my sis) Mary.

Our priest Father Ben and our growing family.

A very proud grandma... we were sort of in a hurry to get out of Mass because the 11:00 Mass was already coming in and saying their Rosary, so we had to scoot before we could finish pictures. Poor Grandpa- we didn't get his picture.

Desserts just before we ate and devoured all but a  bit of cake and three cookies and left a few jellos. THE CHALICE JELLOS WERE A HIT. I recommend if you need an easy easy dessert to go with that. The kids all took their special chalices home.

Then menfolk chatting. We mom's were inside with babies or getting food on plates.

Uncle Kale and my good friend Cheryl, both the Godparents- of our new baby, are sitting together...I am not sure they realize it yet, I can't remember if I told them who was the Godfather and Godmother...oh well! lol I will be sure and mention it.

We had some very hungry kids, and Ambrose here told me he "LIKES JELLO."

Here's Dougie getting his brisket on!

Last of the cake topper chalice piece...being! Genna split it and gave Knox the candy Eucharist part..very tasty indeed!

God Bless Knox!

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  1. Wow!!!!! I love those cookies and the precious blood cups! Very creative. Looks like a beautiful day! Congrats Knox!! Love Uncle Nate, Aunt Erin, & Fulton <3


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