Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Lady of the Rosary Feast Day & Little Flowers Obedience badge checklist

Today marks the day of the defeat of the Turkish Fleet in the Battle of Lepanto. We love listening to the Joyful Mysteries CD from Holy Heroes because at the end is the short clip of the Battle of Lepanto. It's dramatic and exciting with the music. And you can listen to it for free this week as an MP3 on their website. We downloaded their free Battle of Lepanto coloring pages today- my kids went nuts when they saw the ship pictures. And immediately colored them before I could even print the whole set off. I was so glad they were excited.

Such cute coloring pages.

(Can of bug spray- yes we still have bugs, AND now we have Oak Mites apparently too- which deet doesn't deter.)

To also help celebrate this feast day, we said a Rosary for an increase in the virtue of Obedience (which was our virtue we are committing to memory in Little Flowers currently) and also placed carnations at a statue of Mary to honor her and ask for an increase in Obedience to our Church and Pope and our home and school. These were two items that were on Genna's checklist for Little Flowers this month to help earn her Obedience badge.
 What better day than today on such a significant feast day!

Brenden was first to place his carnation.

Then Genna.

Then Knox.

The kids helped set up the candles and decorations.

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