Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Virtue of Piety and Virtue of Humility, Little Flowers scrap book pages

Last week my mom came over and wrangled some kids at bedtime (Brad was at work) and I finally got this strip of stickers done. That got me caught up on two scrap book pages. I really enjoy the process of preparing them- it's been a lot of fun. I am fortunate to have the cool tools- I acquired as hand me downs from my mother in law.

Piety and Humility

 The virtue of Piety is represented by Forget Me Not flowers (which I had to look up).
I have a cool Cricut cartridge (Fifty States) that can make them but decided to do the easy way and print on sticker paper. (let's face it- time is important this month).

I did cut the letters with my Cricut Sophisticated Cartridge at 1 1/4" height. I know you love my Cricut sticky notes.

I actually had this one all done already, I didn't have any catching up on it.

My butterflies came from stickers we had at home already.

 I cut my HUMILITY out with my Cricut Cartridge George Shapes at 1 1/4" height with the shadow feature turned on.

 I used these butterflies on my example, but when I went to Hobby Lobby to buy more- (I really only wanted the pretty butterflies) and saw how much they cost, I decided against it.

They had these with violets- but just not enough of them,

so I made more stickers..

And as for the Butterflies- my mother in law had sent these pre-cut and stamped and glittered a while back plus some new ones that were embossed. We have a lot of die cut outs we aren't currently using. Plus now she sent us a Butterfly wafer die cut, so I can make our own in my Big Shot machine.

At the meeting I had a great little helper passing out our scrapbook pages.

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