Friday, November 27, 2015

cute little saint peg doll donkey, horse and camels

I love that my dad was able to cut out those animals that Catholic Icing had posted a week or two ago for the Saint peg dolls to ride on.
 I finally sanded them last night, and then mostly painted them. Tonight I finished up their details pretty much copying what Lacy at Catholic Icing did to hers because I am not that creative. Maybe she could make some peg animals pre-painted to just modge podge on, to make it easier for people like her saints pegs. Anyway, here's my imitation of her lovely wood animals with Grandpa Fisher's help.

That horse has a big derriere I think.

I hid these away for no- I'll seal them when the weather lets up, we are having some very low temps and freezing rain and sleet.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Advent candle kit

Oh boy,  right now I have a very active baby in my stomach trying to get out apparently. This must be her play time. Today we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving- we're a typical family with people who have shift work, so it's never on the exact day. Pretty much since I was a cop (and being married to one) I think maybe three or four times I have actually had a turkey on Thanksgiving. 
  But I did take advantage of the slow day to take my kids to 9 am Mass and winterize my chicken coop. That involved getting a ladder out of the garage (and cutting and stapling a tarp down) and climbing the slippery pouring rain..not a good idea probably at 37 weeks prego, but that's what Kansas girls do to help their city hens survive an ice storm I suppose. Anyway, I digress.. back to the candles..

  My kids put together their Advent Candles last night. It's simple enough Brenden can do it at 3 1/2 years old. Genna's syllabus called for making them this year. Then we had Father Ben bless them after Mass today.

Getting started- pressing the wick down onto the smaller sheets.

This is the interior part of the candle that is rolled around the wick.

Then you roll the bigger trapezoidal piece up around to make the exterior.

Brenden chose the pink one! He did so good rolling slowly and straight the first time- it always surprises me how little help he needs.

  These fit into our regular advent wreath we already had. And we have done it two years in a row now, I think we are going to keep it as a family tradition for Advent.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I am finally done! 12 days of Christmas ornaments

  I have been in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training for 2 days straight for 8 hours a day- today and yesterday...I am very tired from the info I have absorbed and work I have done, plus just normal physical exhaustion from being in my last few weeks of pregnancy. My kids have been without mom, my house is neglected...slightly..and I OWE some big thanks to my husband and friend Cheryl for watching them all.  It's weird to be so disconnected from my family! I am sure you can relate, I almost felt guilty because I was having fun even though it was work! lol 

 I managed to finish the last few ornaments tonight for the two turtle doves ornament. I wrote last week about the new swap I am in for the 12 days of Christmas song- to make ornaments to match. The 12 days of Christmas are real, and there is some basic catechism you can teach your kids from the song.
  I got to design an ornament for 2 Turtle Doves and 4 Calling Birds (Colly Birds). My 2 turtle doves were easy because I used an old ornament pattern from a Jesse Tree ornament.

I switched the canvas circle out for a heart shape and put one white felt dove on pink felt hearts. 

Those mesh hearts are $1 at Walmart. Then I embroidered around the edge of the felt with a blanket stitch. The plastic heart keeps them nice and stiff, so they hold their shape well.

I cut out a Bible with two colors of felt, the letters OT and NT on each page (Old Testament, New Testament). I was going to embroider them with black thread, but I am tired, and I do have a very quick dead line, they need to be in MA by Dec. 12th. With slow mail and holidays, I am sending them out tomorrow, it's at least a week to there destination. So black Sharpie will just have to do for now. 

Did I mention the baby is due Dec. I am getting down to the wire here. I think she's about ready, she sure has been beating up my stomach!

Oh on my 4 calling birds, I added a gold hanger ribbon, and I also sealed them with Minwax Polyurethane.

They are definitely my favorite of the two ornaments. Those little birds were so fun! I was really lucky to find them.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Genna's door note- Bvar! Broken brakes, sewer water and whatever else!

I posted a funny sticky note Genna (who is almost 6) thoughtfully gave me a week or two ago (see the orange note below)...bless her little sweet sweet heart. Tonight as we were getting ready for bed, we found this note on her door.  She is sounded the words out phonetically very well and then wrote it down. And we can actually understand what she is saying! If you teach your kids to read early, you get these lovely hilarious little phonetically spelled love notes ;)

Genna translation, the "Bvar" is "be there." 
The "thank you" was spelled "FACE YOU."  Not like the hilarious thank you below in the old note! 

Kids are so much fun!!

We have had a crazy weekend. Sewer back up and sewer water in our basement, Brad snaking about 140 feet of sewer line (I wish I had a picture of that!). Then Saturday- Brad and Dad and Mr. Wimberly, fixing a broken caliper, rotor and brakes on the truck (I never saw a caliper broken, that wore the brake pad down to the bare metal damaging the rotor- never saw such a bad brake pad before), and then today my parents basement has a mini flood from the water softener. It's always Thanksgiving week too!

We have much to be thankful for- that every year we make it through these little mini-crisis without spending a fortune. Thank goodness the men in our family are willing to make the effort to fix things.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Free Advent Book guide- an OOP goodie "From Christmas to Candlemas"

My sister Erin is in from out of town and we just visited tonight about Advent traditions. She has a stack of my liturgical planning books and idea books, and it made me think to reshare this link with all the readers here. It's an out of print gold mine. I found my first copy on Ebay, but you will have a tough  time finding one. Here's the book link..and
here is the link from my first blog post about it to help you get a book visual.

 There is another book that used to be downloadable, but I am not sure if the link is working. if you go to their website it has liturgical guides for Lent, Advent, and Marian feast days. At one point we were getting their books on clearance for $3 from a publisher who clearanced them. It's by the Fourniers. Try under the Sister Sites menu tab.

Have you all seen the really cute camels, donkey and horse?

Over at Catholic Icing, there is the cutest post on making wood animals for Saint peg dolls. I knew as soon as I saw the email, my kids would go bonkers if I could get them made by the one and only Grandpa Fisher! I also got lucky and found a Melissa and Doug castle at a consignment sale for $40  for their Saints to live in and celebrate mass in a few weeks ago (again another great Catholic Icing idea with the mini mass kit). 
  Grandpa completed this assignment pretty fast. I am waiting for my opportunity to pick them up discreetly and get them sanded and painted. He did say the camels were a bit of a challenge- as indicated by the post. But overall he said it wasn't too bad. I have no idea what that tool is called that he used to cut them out and I think they are around an inch and a half thick. I don't know what  kind of wood it was either. But I can find out and edit that all later in this post.

This was a text he sent last week to me from his workshop. I can't wait to get them all home!

12 days of Christmas ornament swap, how to make "Four Calling Birds"

I got myself into another swap! I love making crafty stuff for the holidays! We actually need 4 more people, but I had to start on my ornaments regardless if we get those people or not. My little one's due date has been moved up, so if I don't do it now, it won't get done after Thanksgiving. The deadline is around December 10th I think. But that won't matter because I plan to get them done over the weekend.

I volunteered for the "Four calling birds" ornament, (or four colly birds, aka black birds). Depends on whose song history- French or English, you read up on I guess. I had the best luck, I found these cute little wood birds- they are itty bitty from Hobby Lobby. Be sure and use your Hobby Lobby coupons!

Plus the Woodpile brand rectangles.

First I painted the wood (you can't really tell the color difference because it's so light) a parchment color. 

Then I painted a gold border around the edge.

 I painted tree branches and leaves.

Then I glued the birdies on their branches.

After the birds dried, I modge podged on a picture I printed off the internet of the four Gospel writers' symbols. I didn't do a picture that required a lot of color detail because I didn't think my printer would print that great. And I am glad I went with my Kodak printer instincts, the one I chose was perfect.

I cut them out and modge podged them on.

So the "calling birds" are on one side, and the Gospel writers on the other.

We were told to make 13, I am not sure I just did what I was told. I trimmed the Gospel writers with gold paint around the edges. 
 Brad, my love drilled the holes for the ribbons to hang through.

I sprayed Minwax Polyurethane furniture gloss on them to seal them when I was done.
I will show them all off with the second set of ornaments I am in the process of making later, "Two Turtle Doves". (I signed up for two ornaments, so I can get two sets back). 

What's really cool, was before I signed up for this quick little swap, I had purchased about 8 new books for this Advent season for my kids. One of my goals was to teach them the meaning behind the song, "The 12 Days of Christmas," with this book I bought. I can play that song on the piano pretty well and they think it's fun. So the swap matches up perfectly with that new Advent book I bought.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The 2015 Jesse Tree ornaments have arrived!

Anyone in the mood for gazing at some well-made, home-made Jesse Tree ornaments? 
It's a long post, brace yourself.

2. If you want to see the ornaments, start looking mid way through the post.

3. If you want to see some entertaining photos from today and my silly kids, scroll to the bottom.

Opening our ornaments was so so much fun, just like last time!

We made two ornaments in the same swap this year, so we could receive two complete sets of ornaments back.  We got our 2 sets in the mail yesterday afternoon. And it was so worth it! Knox's MODG, 2nd grade syllabus, says to start Jesse Tree ornaments today on Tuesday on Week 15- that was today! How good was that timing? AND IT WAS COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL. 
  I already gave him and Genna "art grade points" for their assistance in helping with the ornaments we made for this swap. So I am tickled that this has all fallen into place on the right week. Good thing we did a swap, I am not sure if we have any time to complete a Jesse Tree kit at this point.

  Here's some photos of the ornaments. I wish I knew who made them all, but the group was mostly a local group from Massachusetts and I think I understood there were quite a few that already all knew each other.

All these ornaments are awesome, "we aren't over them yet"!

1. Earth- Creation ornament
2. The fall of man, apple and the serpent ornament.
3. The new Eve, Mary, mother of all the living ornament.

4. Noah's Ark ornament. 
5. Abraham's blessing, tent and camel ornament.

7. Joseph and his coat of many colors ornament.
8. Passover ornament, blood above the door-final plague, Angel of Death in Egypt.

                                      9. The tiny Ten Commandments ornament.

10. The cluster of grapes- Canaan the Promised Land ornament.
11. The bronze serpent on a staff ornament- Moses.(made of clay and painted)

12. Jonah and the whale (we love that clay whale!) ornament.
13. Ruth and Naomi (Boaz too) (one we made) wheat ornament.
14. David and Goliath slingshot clay ornament.

15. God's lost scroll is found. {I am not familiar with this particular ornament actually but that's what the email said. Like I said before everyone's Jesse Tree stories vary a little bit! So this one will be a new one for our family to read.}

16. A shoot from the stump of Jesse.

Here's my favorite!
17. This Lion/Lamb Jesse Tree ornament takes the cake. It's double sided faces were just too cute!

One side is Lion, the other side is Lamb. Since we have two sets I was able to photograph the opposing sides.

18. Dove with crown, Prince of Peace ornament.
19. The Good Shepherd, shepherd staff and lamb ornament.

20. Suffering Servant ornament, heart with cross and crown of thorns.

Aren't all these ornaments beautiful!?

21. The New Covenant heart (below) ornament

22. Bethlehem town ornament with village and the star. The flip side of the ornament was adorable and had "O Little Town of Bethlehem" music on it.

 so thoughtful!

23. The Fiery Furnace, beautiful picture of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace with that mysterious 4th person.
 And below it the backside of that ornament.

24. Brick wall, return to Jerusalem ornament. So simple and clever!

25. The Christmas star ornament! First thing Knox sees in this box is the star- and he says, "MOM some took the time to crochet this star for us!" I love his appreciate-tivness...I can't be happier. (is that a real word?)

26. Candle for the Light of the World. On a bottle cap! SO CUTE!

and it stands!

27. A cork Angel Jesse Tree ornament.
28. The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph mini peg doll ornament.

**If you find yourself looking at this post and realize you participated in this swap, please leave me a comment! Thank you all so much for making my family's advent that much brighter!**

And here's some just for fun pictures from tonight. NO Brenden does not wear glasses, he likes to pretend he's Knox and does this great imitation of him. He's definitely my clown. His sense of humor is quite deep for  3 year old.

He borrows Knox's old glasses...and who knows what happens when he puts them on.

One last hilarious picture.  My love Genna wrote me a thank you note about 4 pm today. This is what it said... "Fack you for the fod mom"  LMAO!! Well she has no idea what the word Fack might be similar too in adult language (gasp, oh like you weren't thinking the same thing!! Lighten up Francis!)  but what she meant to say "Thank". 
I told her I could help her spell "Thank" but she said if she crossed it out the big "X" over the "F" would be too ugly! Tell me that is not adorably hilarious! "Thank you for the food mom," I will forever treasure this sticky note.

Have a great week! And a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!