Saturday, November 21, 2015

12 days of Christmas ornament swap, how to make "Four Calling Birds"

I got myself into another swap! I love making crafty stuff for the holidays! We actually need 4 more people, but I had to start on my ornaments regardless if we get those people or not. My little one's due date has been moved up, so if I don't do it now, it won't get done after Thanksgiving. The deadline is around December 10th I think. But that won't matter because I plan to get them done over the weekend.

I volunteered for the "Four calling birds" ornament, (or four colly birds, aka black birds). Depends on whose song history- French or English, you read up on I guess. I had the best luck, I found these cute little wood birds- they are itty bitty from Hobby Lobby. Be sure and use your Hobby Lobby coupons!

Plus the Woodpile brand rectangles.

First I painted the wood (you can't really tell the color difference because it's so light) a parchment color. 

Then I painted a gold border around the edge.

 I painted tree branches and leaves.

Then I glued the birdies on their branches.

After the birds dried, I modge podged on a picture I printed off the internet of the four Gospel writers' symbols. I didn't do a picture that required a lot of color detail because I didn't think my printer would print that great. And I am glad I went with my Kodak printer instincts, the one I chose was perfect.

I cut them out and modge podged them on.

So the "calling birds" are on one side, and the Gospel writers on the other.

We were told to make 13, I am not sure I just did what I was told. I trimmed the Gospel writers with gold paint around the edges. 
 Brad, my love drilled the holes for the ribbons to hang through.

I sprayed Minwax Polyurethane furniture gloss on them to seal them when I was done.
I will show them all off with the second set of ornaments I am in the process of making later, "Two Turtle Doves". (I signed up for two ornaments, so I can get two sets back). 

What's really cool, was before I signed up for this quick little swap, I had purchased about 8 new books for this Advent season for my kids. One of my goals was to teach them the meaning behind the song, "The 12 Days of Christmas," with this book I bought. I can play that song on the piano pretty well and they think it's fun. So the swap matches up perfectly with that new Advent book I bought.

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