Friday, November 27, 2015

Advent candle kit

Oh boy,  right now I have a very active baby in my stomach trying to get out apparently. This must be her play time. Today we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving- we're a typical family with people who have shift work, so it's never on the exact day. Pretty much since I was a cop (and being married to one) I think maybe three or four times I have actually had a turkey on Thanksgiving. 
  But I did take advantage of the slow day to take my kids to 9 am Mass and winterize my chicken coop. That involved getting a ladder out of the garage (and cutting and stapling a tarp down) and climbing the slippery pouring rain..not a good idea probably at 37 weeks prego, but that's what Kansas girls do to help their city hens survive an ice storm I suppose. Anyway, I digress.. back to the candles..

  My kids put together their Advent Candles last night. It's simple enough Brenden can do it at 3 1/2 years old. Genna's syllabus called for making them this year. Then we had Father Ben bless them after Mass today.

Getting started- pressing the wick down onto the smaller sheets.

This is the interior part of the candle that is rolled around the wick.

Then you roll the bigger trapezoidal piece up around to make the exterior.

Brenden chose the pink one! He did so good rolling slowly and straight the first time- it always surprises me how little help he needs.

  These fit into our regular advent wreath we already had. And we have done it two years in a row now, I think we are going to keep it as a family tradition for Advent.

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