Saturday, November 21, 2015

Free Advent Book guide- an OOP goodie "From Christmas to Candlemas"

My sister Erin is in from out of town and we just visited tonight about Advent traditions. She has a stack of my liturgical planning books and idea books, and it made me think to reshare this link with all the readers here. It's an out of print gold mine. I found my first copy on Ebay, but you will have a tough  time finding one. Here's the book link..and
here is the link from my first blog post about it to help you get a book visual.

 There is another book that used to be downloadable, but I am not sure if the link is working. if you go to their website it has liturgical guides for Lent, Advent, and Marian feast days. At one point we were getting their books on clearance for $3 from a publisher who clearanced them. It's by the Fourniers. Try under the Sister Sites menu tab.

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