Saturday, November 21, 2015

Have you all seen the really cute camels, donkey and horse?

Over at Catholic Icing, there is the cutest post on making wood animals for Saint peg dolls. I knew as soon as I saw the email, my kids would go bonkers if I could get them made by the one and only Grandpa Fisher! I also got lucky and found a Melissa and Doug castle at a consignment sale for $40  for their Saints to live in and celebrate mass in a few weeks ago (again another great Catholic Icing idea with the mini mass kit). 
  Grandpa completed this assignment pretty fast. I am waiting for my opportunity to pick them up discreetly and get them sanded and painted. He did say the camels were a bit of a challenge- as indicated by the post. But overall he said it wasn't too bad. I have no idea what that tool is called that he used to cut them out and I think they are around an inch and a half thick. I don't know what  kind of wood it was either. But I can find out and edit that all later in this post.

This was a text he sent last week to me from his workshop. I can't wait to get them all home!

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