Friday, November 13, 2015

Knox's white grab bags for the peg doll exchange

I thought I should go ahead and Minwax clear coat the dolls before the exchange to save people the trouble and then we would put them in bags. (That glossy finish looks so pretty over the gold and blue.)  I have a lot of white paper lunch sacks for crafts and I asked if Knox and Genna would decorate them for the exchange so we could put the dolls in them. Then people also have a way to carry them home safely.  Without any prompting, (I didn't think there was anytime left tonight) Knox went for it right away, decorating them tonight while he waited for his turn in the shower.

I was helping Genna and Brenden and came back out and he had half of them done already.

I am not sure what he's doing with the other 6 bags, but he insisted he'll do the rest for me. I just love it! 

Pray for Paris tonight. St. Genevieve, patroness of Paris, you held back the waters, please hold back these terrorist attacks!

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