Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Little Flower's humility crafts and scrap book page.

Tonight we had our monthly meeting for Little Flowers at my house, with nine girls in attendance. Our meeting agenda was as follows. 

#1 scrapbook page for the new virtue of humility.

my example

Here is Genna's completed all by herself!

#2 tissue paper violet coloring page (color the leaves and stems) fill in rest with purple tissue paper.  I just found a free printable online somewhere under Google Images.

Genna and Ruby's pages.

#3 Miraculous Medal ornament (since Christmas is around the corner and we are not meeting in December).

Dollar Tree plastic ornaments- I found packages with enough for ten girls, which contained the smooth surfaced ornaments- they all vary since they are random assortments.

Dollar glitter in icy blue colors- perfect for Mary and winter. We used regular Aleena's Tacky Glue.

Then our lesson. 

The lesson was on the "To Jesus Through Mary" symbol on the back of the Miraculous medal, and the other symbolism of the medal and St. Catherine Laboure's life of humilty.  We watched about a 4-5 minute clip on humility in Brother Francis's video Forgiven. It was about the Publican and the Tax Collector- it's better than reading the parable I think because it's well animated and stressed their differences well (which is also a good sacramental prep). Talked about body language and how that related to the humble tax collector and his words. What pride was and why we shouldn't be prideful. We said the Litany of Humility and then had our badge ceremony and snacks.

I emailed our Little Flower's families the link for a free miraculous medal.  Also I have written on here in the past about how great Catholic Stories for Boys and Girls books are. There are four volumes. Volume I has a beautifully written story about St. Catherine Laboure. Here feast day happens to be this month too.

St. Catherine Laboure Pray for us!

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