Friday, November 13, 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe peg doll Saint.

All done..phew. You saw how fast I did these, under a little pressure with the baby and other things going on around here- that I probably should be taking down time from.
Step 1. Paint heads

Step 2. Paint blue mantles

(back of mantles)

3. brown dress, gold trim and sleeves

4. Paint hands

5. Black ribbon and line between hands, fill in sleeves with gold paint

6. Faces and swirls for dress (I can't paint the flowers from the original) Gold paint over the swirls.

Un-invited child interruption as I think I am almost done, it was very funny.There is nothing like the brutal honesty of a 5 year old girl. Genna walks in and asks "oh are you done?" And I hardly get an answer out...

"Mom I don't like these, they look scary, you need to redo them." Is it their eyes? Mouths? "Yes.."  She elaborated later what sort of eyebrows the Virgin Mary should have.
I certainly don't want to scare any child.

So completely redo some faces..and I forget what step I am on now. But I am paranoid, so I keep calling her back. Knox said there wasn't anything wrong with them to begin with- but that's a boy for you- sounds like my dear husband. 

Finally I did the stars on the mantle.

And I got a final approval from Genna.

I always mark the bottom of the pegs with the Saint's name and their feast day. This year I put 2015 on mine as well. I will go back and remark the years on my others. It's sort of fun to remember when you got them.

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