Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Saint peg doll exchange time! Our Lady of Guadalupe- painting.. step by step (well almost)

Oh I can't wait for our exchange this year! We have 13 people committed as of tonight.

I did a group order last Friday from Craftparts.com, and we hit the $75 mark easily, so we got free shipping. It arrived in town Saturday morning, but it didn't get sent out till today from FedEx's facility- super fast for free shipping. Check out those pegs! 

That sack on top is a sack of 50 men pegs. Under it was a sack of 100 lady pegs.

My husband was so good to sort the order for me with Knox, so we could get out the door to 4-h tonight. We had Catechesis of Good Shepherd all day, so we were only home a few hours before we were out the door again. Some days are CRAZY around here. 

Jenny came by and picked them up. Megan you won with the biggest order award!

I actually started on my peg saint a few nights back with my left overs I found around the house-in the toy box.
My peg doll saint this year is Our Lady of Guadalupe. 

First don't:
First Do:
Use Painters Pens (next to sharpies in the craft isle at Walmart).

 Paint you peg's head a skin color.

I then painted the blue mantle and then the black hair (order doesn't really matter on that)

If you like to try paint markers for the hair they will work great, but a fine tiny tipped paint brush will surprise you too. The detail an unartistic person can accomplish is amazing with the right tiny brush.

I used a gold Painters paint pen to go down the edges of her mantle- they come in fine and medium tips. I like the fine tips better personally, but I use whatever Walmart has in stock.

Black fine tip Painters Pen is really the best option for eyes and face details. I painted the rest of the body a brownish color (see an original Guadalupe image). This is the first time I did the face in pencil first.

Sorry it's blurry! Draw on her arms with the Painter's pen. Don't laugh at my doll's arms! lol Okay actually you can.

Then paint a skin colored blob shape of hands..I just got lucky on these. Sort of football shaped I guess.

Paint a skinny line or use a fine tip Painter's pen down the middle of the two hands.
Added a black ribbon (represents her pregnancy) and started filling in a bit of gold in the sleeves

Our Lady of Guadalupe has some fancy flower design on her dress.. I can't really duplicate all that, so Pinterest helped me out with this swirl idea so something would appear to be there.  I used my brown medium Painter's Pen to do the swirls. (I wish it was a fine tip). When it was dry, I then went over the brown in the gold.

Then I started making little stars and added a line to make it look like her mantle was flapped back- if that makes a bit of sense.

I haven't sprayed them yet with Minwax clear lacquer, but I will be when the whole set of 13 is complete. I don't suggest Mod Podge from a couple years of experience- I think I clear furniture finish will last you longer and is more durable and won't soak up water when you wipe them off- sort of waterproof- in your toddler's mouth proof. Mod Podge chips away, but really rough play will do that to anything.

Stay tuned for more Saint peg dolls in this year's exchange!

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