Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The 2015 Jesse Tree ornaments have arrived!

Anyone in the mood for gazing at some well-made, home-made Jesse Tree ornaments? 
It's a long post, brace yourself.

2. If you want to see the ornaments, start looking mid way through the post.

3. If you want to see some entertaining photos from today and my silly kids, scroll to the bottom.

Opening our ornaments was so so much fun, just like last time!

We made two ornaments in the same swap this year, so we could receive two complete sets of ornaments back.  We got our 2 sets in the mail yesterday afternoon. And it was so worth it! Knox's MODG, 2nd grade syllabus, says to start Jesse Tree ornaments today on Tuesday on Week 15- that was today! How good was that timing? AND IT WAS COMPLETELY ACCIDENTAL. 
  I already gave him and Genna "art grade points" for their assistance in helping with the ornaments we made for this swap. So I am tickled that this has all fallen into place on the right week. Good thing we did a swap, I am not sure if we have any time to complete a Jesse Tree kit at this point.

  Here's some photos of the ornaments. I wish I knew who made them all, but the group was mostly a local group from Massachusetts and I think I understood there were quite a few that already all knew each other.

All these ornaments are awesome, "we aren't over them yet"!

1. Earth- Creation ornament
2. The fall of man, apple and the serpent ornament.
3. The new Eve, Mary, mother of all the living ornament.

4. Noah's Ark ornament. 
5. Abraham's blessing, tent and camel ornament.

7. Joseph and his coat of many colors ornament.
8. Passover ornament, blood above the door-final plague, Angel of Death in Egypt.

                                      9. The tiny Ten Commandments ornament.

10. The cluster of grapes- Canaan the Promised Land ornament.
11. The bronze serpent on a staff ornament- Moses.(made of clay and painted)

12. Jonah and the whale (we love that clay whale!) ornament.
13. Ruth and Naomi (Boaz too) (one we made) wheat ornament.
14. David and Goliath slingshot clay ornament.

15. God's lost scroll is found. {I am not familiar with this particular ornament actually but that's what the email said. Like I said before everyone's Jesse Tree stories vary a little bit! So this one will be a new one for our family to read.}

16. A shoot from the stump of Jesse.

Here's my favorite!
17. This Lion/Lamb Jesse Tree ornament takes the cake. It's double sided faces were just too cute!

One side is Lion, the other side is Lamb. Since we have two sets I was able to photograph the opposing sides.

18. Dove with crown, Prince of Peace ornament.
19. The Good Shepherd, shepherd staff and lamb ornament.

20. Suffering Servant ornament, heart with cross and crown of thorns.

Aren't all these ornaments beautiful!?

21. The New Covenant heart (below) ornament

22. Bethlehem town ornament with village and the star. The flip side of the ornament was adorable and had "O Little Town of Bethlehem" music on it.

 so thoughtful!

23. The Fiery Furnace, beautiful picture of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the furnace with that mysterious 4th person.
 And below it the backside of that ornament.

24. Brick wall, return to Jerusalem ornament. So simple and clever!

25. The Christmas star ornament! First thing Knox sees in this box is the star- and he says, "MOM some took the time to crochet this star for us!" I love his appreciate-tivness...I can't be happier. (is that a real word?)

26. Candle for the Light of the World. On a bottle cap! SO CUTE!

and it stands!

27. A cork Angel Jesse Tree ornament.
28. The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph mini peg doll ornament.

**If you find yourself looking at this post and realize you participated in this swap, please leave me a comment! Thank you all so much for making my family's advent that much brighter!**

And here's some just for fun pictures from tonight. NO Brenden does not wear glasses, he likes to pretend he's Knox and does this great imitation of him. He's definitely my clown. His sense of humor is quite deep for  3 year old.

He borrows Knox's old glasses...and who knows what happens when he puts them on.

One last hilarious picture.  My love Genna wrote me a thank you note about 4 pm today. This is what it said... "Fack you for the fod mom"  LMAO!! Well she has no idea what the word Fack might be similar too in adult language (gasp, oh like you weren't thinking the same thing!! Lighten up Francis!)  but what she meant to say "Thank". 
I told her I could help her spell "Thank" but she said if she crossed it out the big "X" over the "F" would be too ugly! Tell me that is not adorably hilarious! "Thank you for the food mom," I will forever treasure this sticky note.

Have a great week! And a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. How fun to see you family's pleasure with the ornaments. We so enjoyed the swap, too. I shared our pics of it at http://traininghappyhearts.blogspot.com/2015/11/jesse-tree-swap-ornmanet-ideas.html

    1. awesome! I saw your blog ;) That was so fun! Thanks for making those ornaments!

  2. these area so great but how is the brick wall made?


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