Wednesday, December 30, 2015

St. Tarcisius, Virgin Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus Saint peg dolls

I obviously did not get all my "projects" done before Christmas this year ;)  One thing I finally caught up on this week was the Holy Family Peg doll set I promised the kids. Knox has been begging to paint his own peg doll for a long time. The package that baby Jesus came in had 4 pegs (from Hobby Lobby), so I let each kid have one peg to paint.

I just figured out how to do real eyes. I had a commenter say to use the tip of your paint brush but mine aren't flat ;( so I made football ovals! lol It wasn't perfect but they turned out great I think!

The Holy Family Saint peg dolls. Reni has Joseph in a yellow cloak- that's the picture I went off of. He may get another nose job...we'll see.

Knox and Genna's pegs looked like the adult pegs but smaller, and Brenden chose the other baby to make his own baby Jesus. Knox was brainstorming what child saint to paint and came up with St. Tarcisius and Genna wanted to make my Virgin Mary.

Knox's peg saint is his own original design, with no help from me on colors or shapes or painting! He chose the red for martyrdom.  He looked at a holy card online and that was it. St. Tarcisius is a patron Saint of First Communicants by the way ;)

I am really really proud of him! I think it looks fantastic! He originally didn't care for his hands he had painted- they were too large, and he went back and corrected it all himself without advice! 

Beams of light from the Eucharist! Brilliant painting!

I was so very surprised at Genna's ability to trace the lines with the blue Painter's pen. She did so well! The Virgin Mary looks great!  When Genna puts her mind to something she does it! Just like the other day when she made her own little chalice and paten for her mass kit from Sculpey.

Painting on her hair!

Speaking of hair...Genna your hair looks wild today ;)  Oh that's right you kept running off every time I tried to fix it! Now hopefully we'll get a warmer day so I can go spray these pegs and then we can play with them!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Peg Doll Mass Kit

My kids have been playing Saint Peg dolls with their new Melissa and Doug castle 

they got for was a steal at $40 at a consignment sale. It has a working drawbridge, it's soo cool! So that really made them want to finish the peg doll mass kit we have been talking about doing forever now. So we got out the Sculpey and did it finally- almost done..maybe. We might add a few more Sculpey made items tomorrow.

I was so proud of Genna, she made her own chalice and cross and paten for an altar server! 

The candles will stay up but tip easily, so I have a new idea we will try the next go round.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Twelve Days ornament swap #2

If you are interested in more ideas for an ornament swap, Martianne posted the other Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments from the second swap that was running on her blog. How did we all come together? Jennifer, from Massachusetts, was running these swaps with her local Catholic homeschool group. Here's the link. Enjoy!

Friday, December 25, 2015

2015 family pictures

My brother Nathan just sent me some wonderful pictures! 

Christmas Eve Mass

One of our side altars dedicated to various saints. The art at our church is so inspiring.

Our entire family attended mass at 4:30 this year. We were so lucky to have all four kids participate in the Christmas Eve Mass, three of them in the procession, and then Zoe helped Father during his homily. This was really only her fourth time out of the house since she was born.

What angels!

Handsome little fella!

Such little angels! Knox was so proud he was chosen to carry baby Jesus.  He was too embarrassed to look at any of us and smile he was afraid he would look funny.

Freeze frame Father's thought process, STOP, oh"That's a new one! Can I use her for the homily?"

Getting a better look, leaning way over...

See who Father is holding?

Father held Zoe for his entire homily. She didn't peep at all or spit up. I don't think any of us have seen a priest come use a live baby before but it was great! It kept my attention ;)

12 days of Christmas Ornament swap

I participated in another swap (before the baby came of course), as a previously posted about. I just got  two sets of ornaments the other day just in time for the 12 days of Christmas.

 On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree...

A partridge in a pear tree- Jesus Christ, two turtle doves- New Testament, Old Testament, three French hens, Faith, Hope and Charity with their secular symbols.

The backsides of the ornaments.

Four calling (Colli) Birds- 4 Gospel writers, Five Golden Rings- the Torah.

Six geese a laying (the six days of creation).

The second half of the 12 days of Christmas Ornaments the front sides.

     Seven swans a swimming- seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Eight maids a milking- the eight beatitudes.                                             Nine ladies dancing- nine fruits of the Holy Spirit.

The backside of the seven swans and eight maids a milking.

 Backside of the nine ladies dancing ornament.

Ten "Lords a Leaping"- Ten Commandments,  eleven pipers piping- eleven faithful apostles, twelve drummers drumming- twelve articles of faith in the Apostles Creed.

The backsides of the ornaments.

A few great books share and read with your kids for these next 12 days is..

Merry Christmas!