Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A really great Catholic kid's present.

           A Catholic- How- to- Draw 

  Looking for something different? Do you know someone who really enjoys drawing?  If you are looking for something other than a regular ol' toy for a younger child, maybe one who really likes drawing, maybe this book would be perfect as a gift!
  I love their pictures, they include how to draw, Mary, Joseph, montrance, altars, Guadalupe, doves, birds, the good Shepherd, baby Jesus..etc..and more. I believe you can only get an online version still from CHC which is a download upon purchase. (We own that download too).
 We currently own two copies because when one kid has it out the others want to draw and trace from it at the same time. So two copies are a must around here to avoid conflict ;) I hate to tell them be patient...especially when they really want to draw pictures of the Holy Family or a chalice and tabernacle..I want to say "GO FOR IT!"
  I would like to share what my son drew in Level II Catechesis of the Good Shepherd today. I do believe that this book has helped him along with his art work. I have various examples of similar art work done by him in my blog, but this is the latest as of today.

Any of you who are Catechists certainly understand why I am happy seeing this. I am glad he had this opportunity for this work and prayer ;)

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